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Mame 072 Screenshots For Xbox 360 Or Xbox By fumanchu, March 13, 2018. 1 reply; 2.2k views. RetroArch.360.v1.0.0.2 (new release) By fumanchu. RetroArch 360, a multi-system emulator/game system for Xbox 360, has been released and is now available for homebrew 360's. Included in the RetroArch 360 package are the following emulators/game engines: SNES9x Next (Super Nintendo). Download RetroArch. Head to the Libretro home page, then click the “Downloads” link in the top. Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver. To use wireless Xbox 360 controllers, you will also need a USB wireless receiver plugged into your Raspberry Pi. The Official Microsoft Xbox 360 receiver or a generic brand like zettaguard, VicTsing will work. You can pair multiple controllers to a single wireless receiver. Play and charging cables will not work.

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Wireless Receiver

To use wireless Xbox 360 controllers, you will also need a USB wireless receiver plugged into your Raspberry Pi. The Official Microsoft Xbox 360 receiver or a generic brand like zettaguard, VicTsing will work. You can pair multiple controllers to a single wireless receiver. Play and charging cables will not work.

To pair your controller(s) with the wireless receiver:

  • turn on your wireless Xbox 360 controller (hold down the Guide button)
  • press the connect button on the receiver (green light will start flash)
  • then press the tiny connect button on the top of the controller
  • you will need to repeat these steps to pair each additional controller

Automatic Configuration (Easiest)

Xpad Driver

Starting with the RetroPie 4.1 SD image, the Xpad driver is enabled by default and the following steps are unnecessary.

With the recent kernel issues of xboxdrv rendering images unusable, there is an updated xpad driver which will work just as well for Xbox controllers, it's possible it may also support Xbox One controllers.

You access the driver through Manage Packages >> Manage Driver Packages >> Xpad Driver and you'll install it from source. Reboot for good measure, reconfigure your controllers and the lights should work properly.

A complete working config (that was generated from the EmulationStation configuration) is listed below at /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch-joypads/Xbox360WirelessReceiver(XBOX).cfg

Xboxdrv Driver

Note! There are known incompatibilities with this driver when used in it's default configuration with the latest kernel. As such, the xpad drive is currently the best option to simply make an Xbox 360 controller operational in RetroPie.

However, these incompatibilities are not an issue when using xboxdrv as a calibration and key-mapping tool for almost any gamepad, including the Xbox 360 controller. When used this way, it's even possible for both xpad and xboxdrv to coexist together.

Access the RetroPie Setup Script and navigate to Manage Packages >> Manage Driver Packages >> xboxdrv

  1. Enable xboxdrv: This will install the driver and add a start-up configuration in /etc/rc.local
  2. Disable xboxdrv: This will disable the driver and remove the start-up configuration in /etc/rc.local
  3. Set Number of Controllers To Enable: Default number of controllers is 2 (If you have more than two controllers, set this first before you enable xboxdrv)
  4. Set Analog Stick Deadzone: Smaller number = more responsive, Larger number = less responsive.
  5. Set dwc_otg.speed=1 in /boot/config.txt: May help if controller is being glitchy.
  6. Remove dwc_otg.speed=1 from /boot/config.txt: Removes the config.

After you have enabled the driver and rebooted you'll need to reconfigure your controller(s) in EmulationStation as described on the first installation page

Alternatively if you prefer you can manually install it..

Manual Configuration

RetroPie 3.3 contains a newer xboxdrv at /opt/retropie/supplementary/xboxdrv/bin/xboxdrv - which is preferable over the older Debian package. On older RetroPie images you can install the Debian package.

install it by running

Then you must choose one of the 3 methods below

1 - Multiples instances of xboxdrv

You have to launch multiple instances of xboxdrv (one for each controller)

For example we can edit the file /etc/rc.local to start instances of xboxdrv during boot

Here is an example of what to insert in /etc/rc.local for 4 wireless pads (put this just before exit 0):

(replace the --wid by --id if you use wired controllers)You must swich-on your pads before booting the raspberry.

Setup xbox 360 retroarch

Notice the sleep 1 between each instance: this prevents the RPi from setting random controllers with random led status; adjust timing if necessary.

2 - Single command line

Another way is to specify this single command :

3 - init script

The third possibility, you can use an init.d script with the daemon -D Option. Save the following content to /etc/init.d/xboxdrv:

sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/xboxdrv
sudo update-rc.d xboxdrv start 90 2 3 4 5 stop 90 0 1 6
You will also need a default configuration file. Save the following content to /etc/default/xboxdrv:

To specifiy the amount of controller, edit the variable CONTROLLER_NUM. If you have a wired controller, replace all '-w' occurences with '-i'.

It is generally advisable to use the daemon mode, 'cause it uses less CPU and RAM instead of several xboxdrv processes for each controller.

Additional Configuration Information

Xbox 360 controller glitchy?

According to this post it might help to add the line dwc_otg.speed=1to the file /boot/cmdline.txt.

Alternate Controller Configurations

This is what makes the Xbox 360 controller the best for this project.

  1. Copy necessary files: First, copy the files above to your pi. (Remove the .txt extension first of course.) I placed them in /usr/local/ but they could go anywhere.

  2. Edit rc.local: Next, you need to edit rc.local so that xboxdrv uses the config files. There a few different possibilities depending on how you are instantiating xboxdrv, so be careful.

    2a. If you have this line:

    change it to this:

    2b. If you have this line (generated by the xboxdrv install from

    change it to this:

    2c. Or, if you are using separate lines like this:

    Edit them so that they look like this:

  3. File Permissions: The very last step is to make the .cfg files executable. So run these commands, changing them to reflect the location you placed the .cfg files.

Xbox 360 Retroarch And Dolphin Hack

Now, whenever you press the Xbox (guide) button on either controller 1 or 2, it will change the control scheme. For player 1, the controller starts up in normal mode. Hitting the Xbox button will change to player1.cfg. Hitting it again will enable mouse emulation. One more time will bring back normal operation. Controller 2 cycles between normal operation and player2.cfg. Controllers 3 and 4 are unaffected.

Here's a little explanation of xboxdrv_player1.cfg (player2 is similar):

RetroArch is consistently busy, and we’re talking year round. This week they definitely announced something that I would deem one of their biggest announcements in 2017; the return of RetroArch for XBOX Original and XBOX 360! Let’s talk about it.

It was just a few days ago that libretro’s twitter churned out the best tweet of all time for Microsoft fans.

RetroArch Xbox OG/Xbox 360 ports are coming back!

— libretro (@libretro) September 14, 2017

I literally gasped out loud as this was my project over the last week. Finding useful emulators for the pretty powerful XBOX 360. While they exist, most have lost support over the years and others are designed for the original XBOX and are supposed to run on RGH/JTagged systems but simply show the menu and don’t let you search your drive for the roms, leaving you with a blank screen. With RetroArch making a return, they’ll be able to use the knowledge that they’ve accrued to build an emulator and optimize cores as necessary to get the most out of the hardware. I was looking to my XBOX 360 to be an emulation machine as it just has more power than my Raspberry Pi and it’s already sitting in my living room anyhow.

The same goes for the Original XBOX. This bad boy, if it’s still in your home, is there for one reason. Because it is a solid machine that is great for gaming. If it is already modded, you most likely have XBMC or some other variant. RetroArch on an Original XBOX will most likely again, add more value to the already aged system, but will also be optimized for the hardware. libretro does not simply make the software and then leave it be. They work to make the most out of it and give the end user an experience that they will enjoy. I would love to see a Gamecube emulator running full speed on the Original XBOX since they were direct competitors here in the US.

Get Retroarch On Xbox One

Other than the tweet, we have not much else to go by yet. They haven’t written about it in their blog or in their news section on their site. Once we have more information on the project, you can bet that we’ll have that information for you.

Stay tuned here on for more SNES Classic info and follow us on Twitter @Hackinformer

Xbox 360 Controller Retroarch

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