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Twixl Publisher lets you easily create iOS and/or Android apps (for both tablets and phones), based on Adobe InDesign content. You can publish in Apple's App Store, Google Play, or the Kindle Fire Appstore. You can also export a 'Web Reader' version of your content for displaying a publication is a standard desktop or notebook browser. The free Twixl Viewer app for iOS and Android allows you to quickly send a preview to your own device.
In combination with the Twixl Distribution Platform, that allows you to manage kiosk apps, with support for In-app purchases, subscriptions, entitlements, Newsstand, push notifications, we offer a very competitively priced and compelling mobile publishing alternative.Publisher

Download Twixl Publisher v5.1 MacOSX 123 MB Twixl Publisher lets you easily create iOS andor Android apps (for both tablets and phones), based on Adobe InDesign content. You can publish in Apple. 開く方法を学ぶ.ARTICLE ファイルおよび他の拡張子を持つファイル.

- Create apps for tablets and phones fully independently
- Go from designing to publishing in the app stores or in-house
Pro- Start from different types of content
- Create automated production workflows
What's New Version 5.1:
Fixed a bug with interactive elements not appearing on the correct location when using long pages on Android
Fixed a bug which caused Apple to reject our apps because of the use of private APIsTwixl Publisher
Using mailto: links on Android now properly fill in the to addressTwixl publisher platform
The category tag in an RSS feed is now used for the Category metadata of a content item
The action button of the featured issue now automatically resizes itself based on the length of the textTwixl
Fixed an issue with the tp-history://back special url which was not working correctly on iOS
When linking to a webresouce on Windows now correctly encodes the URL
Requirements:Intel, 64-bit processor OS X 10.9.5
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Twixl Publisher Pro 10.6

Create native apps for iOS and Android, for both tablets and phones.
Publish to mobile and to the web
Send push notifications to guide your users
Let your users share their content

Twixl Publisher Review

Twixl lets you create native iOS and Android apps. On iOS this can be an App Store or an Enterprise app. An app can either be tablet only, phone only or universal.
Twixl apps are platform-based. The content is stored on the Twixl Distribution Platform and pushed into the app when the reader requests it. You can organize the interface according to your needs and make your content accessible from that interface.
Twixl offers different options to save content offline and to manage the size of the app. Every app can also be made available for viewing in a browser. Based on the tablet layout. This allows you to publish your content to desktop or laptop users. This makes social sharing extremely powerful. Your user can immediately share the content he is reading providing direct access to it without the need to first download the app.
Twixl Push notifications allows ‘deep linking’, which means they’ll bring your users directly to where you want them to arrive in your app.