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Hi, Being an iPhone user, I know it might be a bit hard to find the best Tor Browser. But well, let me show you some of the best Tor browsers for iPhone so far and describe each of them in few lines so it’s easier for you to decide: TOR Browser Pr. Dmitry Pushkarev, a founding CEO of, a fastest browser build for work. In the wake of Covid-19, online work is skyrocketing. In nearly every industry, companies are moving their workforce and data to the cloud at record speeds. There is no doubt about it. In fact, I’d recommend that you should use the Tor browser whenever you try to access sensitive information such as your banking details or other such information online. Download OrNET - Private Onion Browser App 2.2.1 for iPad & iPhone free online at AppPure. Get OrNET - Private Onion Browser for iOS - Browse internet with Tor latest version. OrNET Browser is the best FREE app featuring a high performance TOR powered browser.

Onion tor browser download

The deep, dark web

Peel yourself away from insecure browser that exposes all your data continuously. The Tor Browser uses advanced technology to keep your browsing anonymous. Just don't use it illegally.

The hidden layers of the Internet

Tor is one of the most secure browsers available, and it has access to .onion domains which no other browser does.

The onion router is one of the most secure browsers available. Unlike Chrome or Firefox, Tor with anonymity and safety in mind. This is because Tor has access to what's called the deep web. The deep web is the large section of the Internet that you can't search for. To find these parts you need to know the IP address and have permission to access it.

The security, privacy, and anonymity of using a Tor Browser have made it synonymous with illegal activities found within the dark web. You should never access the dark web, which is the domain of many illegal areas of the deep web, hidden from other browsers. The stigma associated with this and Tor may get you in trouble.

Tor is lightweight and offers a step by step installation to ensure that your browsing will be safe and secure from now on. On each launch of the software, you'll connect to an array of IPs that keep you protected. This connection can take a few moments to establish.

However, with all the benefits of using Tor Browser, you should know that it isn't foolproof. Some sites may be capable of accessing your private information such as your location or identity.

Where can you run this program?

Tor Browser is available for Mac, Windows, Linux and Android devices

Is there a better alternative?

No, browsers such as Chrome or Firefox don’t offer you the same level of protection as Tor does, nor can they access the deep web. With Tor, you'll be safe and have a random IP every time.

Our take

Using the Tor Browser will give you a secure and private connection to the Internet that you can use for business or personal activities you don't want anyone to see.

Should you download it?

Yes, but you should be aware of the stigma around browsers that can access the deep or dark web. Aside from that, you'll have a safer browsing experience.


  • Step by step installation
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use


  • Slow connection at times
  • No anonymity guarantee
  • Access to illegal sites

Tor Browserfor Mac


If there is a dedicated Tor Browser for PC, Mac and Linux Distro then why not a Tor Browser iOS? In this article, I’ll review Tor Browser for iOS + Latest Version Download Links.

Before getting straight into the review I would like to explain a little bit about Tor Browser for guys who are completely new to this topic and who mistakenly here reading this blog post and want to learn about it.

TOR Stands for The Onion Routing and in a nutshell, it’s a secure connection VPN setup which is almost untraceable for free. We can use many VPN apps on iOS both free & paid.

But they won’t be offering the sophisticated security that TOR circuit offers and there are many previous cases where VPN’s are guilty of tracking user’s info and found selling it online.

Tor Browser For Ios



Download Tor Browser iOS Latest Version

So in this article, we’re going to provide a straight up dedicated solution for experiencing the Onion security you love on your iOS devices. OnionBrowser was the first app built for iOS devices with TOR support to hit the app store.

It’s an open source project created by Mike Tigas in the year 2012. But despite being an open source project the app was initially being charged per download in the official app store.

And the price was around $0.99 as I recall. But the good news is down the road, Onion Browser’s price was reduced to zero and made free for use.

You can directly download the OnionBrowser from your iOS device from the download link below.

This might be the only solution as of now for iOS users for enjoying the Internet anonymity on their devices. But there are some downsides too. So let’s check them out, shall we?

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What you should know about this Tor Browser for iOS

Consider this as a pros & cons of OnionBrowser: Tor Browser iOS but you should know them prior using it as a mainstream secure layer on top of your network.

  • Once you fire up the app your network will be isolated and connected to the Tor Circuit and success message will be displayed on the homepage to make sure.
  • OnionBrowser supports ” New Identity ” Feature which is widely used on Desktop variant to instantly get a new identity with new IP and location of the network.
  • Will continuous updates and supports lot’s have been added and hope this continues to be the case. One of the advanced features we get to enjoy is the ” User Agent ” Selection.
  • Yes, you can manipulate the online tracking websites with different user agents like ” Windows, Linux or macOS ” from the Onion Browser.

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  • Until now, everything is good and positive features but what about the cons/negatives. Yes, nothing is perfect and neither the Onion Browser.
  • The app does follow the Sandbox. Tor Circuit applied is for the browser itself and not for the entire device’s network. Assuming it as the case might ruin the anonymity you’ve expected.

Many people thought of this like that and that’s why we’ve titled the article as ” Tor Browser iOS “. which is to remind about the sandbox and the security only works within the app.

There’s no full fledged daemon or background service yet available with the app that can work entirely over the device.

Tor VPN for the entire iOS Network

For Android, there are lots of options for this kind of advanced needs. One of the reasons for this is because of Apple is very strict while approving news apps to its app store.

And the other reason is quite opposite, Google doesn’t care whether it’s a malware or genuine app. Their approval rate is very quick, So developers don’t hesitate to build one.

There’s a full pledged Tor VPN network app for android known as OrBot, whereas for iOS a new project emerged known as ” iCepa “. Which translates to Onion.

Download Tor Browser For Ios

The Project is still under development and hopefully will be available by the end of 2017. Then we can think about forgetting the concept of ” Tor Browser iOS ” and start thinking of ” Tor VPN iOS “.

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If you really give importance to anonymity and want to be secure while browsing then as of this article, there are tor clients for every platform. With this article, you understand the limits of using Tor on iOS

And how to get started on Tor Browser iOS. Almost everyone is looking forward to the complete Tor VPN network possibilities on iOS real soon.

Hope it arrives sooner than expected and we assure that we’ll cover the topic when it arrives. Also, some good news is that the upcoming iOS 11 has better API openness for Network Layering.


If you find any better solution then let me know in the comments section down below. It would be very helpful for our reader and will share that as well.

Tor Browser For Ipad

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