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The timesheet module is for businesses which charge their customers based on the time spent in finishing a project for them.A lot of service businesses or product businesses, earn their income based on the number of hours spent, tasks done in the project or a fixed project rate. Using the Timesheet module in Zoho Invoice you can manage your projects, log the time spent by task or employee and raise an invoice for the same. Learn more about Timesheet in Zoho Invoice.

If you’ve enabled Timesheets for your organization, you will see the Timesheet module on the sidebar. If not, you can enable this module under Preferences by navigating to Gear icon -> Preferences and selecting the checkbox against Timesheet.

Time entries that are invoiced have a green 'invoiced' tag next to them in the Detailed report. When you hover over the 'invoiced' tag, you'll see the client and the invoice ID under which the time entry was invoiced (unless it was manually marked as invoiced). You can filter reports by invoiced/uninvoiced status from the Status filter. Recurring invoicing is a feature seen in billing and invoicing software. If you have repeat customers, recurring invoicing automatically sends out an invoice to them at regular intervals. This saves you the time of recreating an invoice every time for a customer who uses your services on a regular basis.

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Different businesses have different methods of billing for their projects. It depends on the kind of work that is being done in the project. In Zoho Invoice, you can create projects based on their billing methods.

Logging Time for Tasks

Template For Time Invoice

Once the tasks are created for a project, you can start logging time for those tasks when they are worked upon.

Chrome Extension for Timesheets

Start a timer and log time for your projects in Zoho Invoice, anywhere on the web! Know more about our chrome extension here

Charging your customer

Send invoices, record expenses and create retainers for your project.

Time Card Invoice Template

Manage Timesheet Views

You can choose to list the projects and timesheet entries based on certain criteria.

Timesheet Preferences

Adding custom fields and setting up rounding time can be done in a jiff.

Timesheet Approval

Get your timesheet entries approved before it’s invoiced.

Timesheet Reports


One Time Invoice National Grid

A compilation of the total project work done.

More with Timesheets

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