Tier 3 Workbench Rust

How do I get blueprints?

Tier 3 Workbench RustWorkbench

There are several ways to obtain blueprints. By default, low tier blueprints can be found in barrels, however most other blueprints must be learnt by first having the actual item. Once you have an item you want to be able to craft, you must use a research bench and place the item, along with the corresponding amount of scrap to learn it. This will remove the item you have placed in the research bench to learn, but you will be able to use components to now craft it at a suitable level workbench.

Tier 3 Workbench Rust

An alternative to obtain a blueprint is to use the workbench experimentation feature. For each tier workbench (1, 2 or 3), an amount of scrap can be traded for a random same-tier blueprint. For example, placing 75 scrap in a workbench tier 1 will give you a random blueprint from the tier 1 items, such as a metal hatchet, or revolver. Tier 2 will cost 300 scrap for a tier 2 random blueprint etc.


Tier 1 would probably be things like semi-automatic rifles and so on. I've no idea what's craftable without workbenches. They're supposedly very hard to get which can mean casual solo or small group players are stuck at tier 1 while the larger nolife groups have a tier 3 by the end of the weekend. The Experimentation Interface of a Work Bench 3. As of devblog 185, Workbenches can now be used for Blueprint researching as well, with the major difference of yielding random blueprints. Depending on which Workbench you use, you get different random blueprints belonging to the crafting tier of the respective Workbench. PATCHED since the October 2020 updateHow to place a Tier 3 Workbench into a single triangle so that you can surround it with walls on all 3 sides in Rust Bas.

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If you played Rust back during the old blueprint system, you’d use BP Fragments along with an item to gain a certain percent chance of generating a blueprint. This new scrap system, although similar, is not a game of chance like the researching of old - a specific amount of scrap will definitely yield you a blueprint as well as indicate the required level of workbench to craft it.