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The purpose of this guide is to provide instruction on participating in online courses presented using Microsoft Teams on a mobile device such as an iPhone or Android.

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Step 1: In the mobile app, click on the Teams icon at the bottom. Step 2: Tap the three dots (“More options” icon) for the team you want to add to the channel. Then, click on “Manage options.” Step 3: Click on “Add +” to begin creating a new channel. Microsoft Teams has the ability to let you make phone calls from the Teams app on your mobile device. There are several ways to make phone calls: Using the Dial Pad Using the Contacts list.

Teams On Mobile Status

Detailed instructions for installing the Teams app on your mobile device can be found on the student tab of the myTC portal. This guide assumes you have already performed the steps in the installation guide.

Teams On Mobile Device

A separate guide for using Teams on a Desktop or Laptop computer is also available.

Teams On Mobile Phone

  1. Tap the Teams icon on your mobile device. From this point on, the term phone will be used vs. mobile device. Most of your mobile devices are phones and Teams works the same for both phones and tablets.
  2. Assuming you have completed the steps in the installation guide, Teams will open to a view of the TC Teams site. If you are asked to log in, log in with your TC email address and password. The actual view displayed will depend on what you were doing in Teams the last time you were in it. You may or may not see the toolbar shown in picture #1 to the right. If you do not see the toolbar, it is because you are on a Teams content screen. To get to the Teams home screen, tap the arrow shown in picture #2. You will then see a categories toolbar at the bottom of the display.
  3. Tap the “Calendar” icon on categories toolbar. Your calendar will be displayed showing a list of upcoming Teams class meetings you are scheduled to attend.
    In progress meetings (1) display as a blue bar. Note the current time on the display and the time of the meeting (2). It is in progress. Meetings that are not in session have a Join option but are not active (3). It is a good idea to Join the meeting 5 minutes before it starts. The “dashed” bar to the left of the meeting (4) indicates you have not RSVP’d to the meeting. That does not prevent you from joining. An RSVP lets your instructor know you are aware of the meeting and plan to attend. If you RSVP, the bar will be solid blue. To RSVP, tap the meeting and then tap the RSVP button. Try it.
  4. Tapping Join presents you with options to select before you actually join. (1) Name of the meeting (2) Enable/disable camera before joining (3) Enable/disable microphone (4) You are ready. Join now.
    Make sure you have “speaker phone” mode enabled. Mute your camera and your mic. Then tap the Join Now (4) button.
  5. Once you Join the meeting, you will either see other participants or content the instructor has shared with you. After the instructor joins, the presentation will be started. The experience should be very similar to watching a classroom presentation on the projector except your phone becomes the projector screen. Rotate your phone for landscape mode for the best experience.
  6. Tapping on the screen during a presentation displays a menu where you may:
    (1) Turn on your camera
    (2) Turn on your mic to make a comment
    (3) Mute your phone’s speaker
    (4) Options covered in the next step
    (5) Exit the meeting
    (6) Enter text in the meeting Chat
    (7) See who else has joined
  7. The menu presented by tapping the Options from item 4 above has multiple things to choose from. Two are covered here: (1) Turn off incoming video – this reduces the amount of data coming to your phone without stopping video coming from the instructor. (2) Turn on live captions – provides text captioning for the audio so you may read what is being said.
  8. Chat – Tapping the Chat icon, Step 6 – #6, takes you from the live stream to a chat window where you may enter (1) and read comments. The return option at the top (2) takes you back to the presentation. The Participants icon, Step 6 – #7, works similarly.
  9. The Teams icon (1) on the categories menu displays a list of “teams” you are in. As a student each course you are in is a “team”. (2) The current “team” or course you are viewing. (3) Tap “See All Teams” to see all your courses. (4) Teams have channels. Think of a Team as a book and channels as chapters in the book. Your instructor will divide the content of the course into subsections called channels. Tapping the expand arrow (4) displays the content of a channel. Try it. (5) To “close the book” or hide the list of channels in a course, you tap the collapse button (5) for the team.
    If you click around in the various Teams and Channels, you will discover the content of a course. Often you will find recordings of previous meetings and chat content. Explore!
  10. Tapping the Chat icon (1) on the categories toolbar allows you to send messages, call other Teams users, or video conference with other Teams users. Chat messages can connect you to your instructor, your faculty advisor, and your TC friends. Chat is a really cool way to stay in touch at TC.
    Tapping the New Chat icon (2) allows you to connect with other TC Teams users.
  11. Tapping on a user in the Chat window will show previous conversations you have had with that person and allow you to send and receive new messages. All chat history is retained, so if you leave a message the recipient will see it when they login.
  12. To start a new chat, enter 1 or more recipients in the To line (1). You then may enter a text message (2), start a Teams audio call (3), or start a video session (4) with one or more people.
    When using chat, REMEMBER the chat is retained in Teams chat history, so take that into consideration!


That is the basics of using Teams on Mobile! While there is a lot more that could be covered, this should be enough to get you started. You may also do web searches on ‘Microsoft Teams’ to find additional training information and what others are doing with the software.

Teams On Mobile

Although you and your TC instructors are faced with the necessity of adjusting to this unexpected shutdown of the traditional classroom, you are learning a skill that will prove extremely valuable in our online world.

Download a pdf version of Using Teams on a mobile device.