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Because the TSC library is a client for the Tableau Server REST API, you need to confirm that the version of the TSC library that you use is compatible with the version of the REST API used by your installation of Tableau Server. For reference, the REST API and Resource Versions page has more details about versions. Display the REST API version.

Tableau Version

You can downgrade workbooks to share them with people using older versions of Tableau products.

  • For Tableau Desktop, you can keep two release versions (for example, version 2020.4 and version 2021.1) installed on the same computer. Tableau Prep Builder generally releases a new version every month and upgrading to a newer version may overwrite the existing installed version on your computer.
  • The information on this page is only about version 21.1.11559 of Tableau Prep Builder 2021.1 (21.2236). How to uninstall Tableau Prep Builder 2021.1 (21.2236) from your PC using Advanced Uninstaller PRO Tableau Prep Builder 2021.1 (21.2236) is a program marketed by the software company Tableau Software.
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Important: When you downgrade to an older version, any features or functionality that aren't available in that version are removed for compatibility. Additionally, any calculated fields created in the newer version that use functions unavailable in the older version will have to be manually corrected or removed upon downgrade.

Export to an earlier version from Tableau Desktop

  1. In Tableau Desktop select File > Export As Version and select the version that you want to downgrade to. (The earliest version you can export is Tableau Desktop 10.5.)

  2. Save the workbook to your My Tableau Repository or a selected folder.
Tableau Version

Downgrade a workbook when publishing to Tableau Server

If you're using a newer version of Tableau Desktop with an older version of Tableau Server, you can downgrade to the older Tableau Server version when you choose Server > Publish Workbook. A warning message appears indicating that workbook will be downgraded when published:

If you later open the downgraded workbook in the newer version of Tableau Desktop, you'll see a message like the one shown below. You may then need to add back the features that were removed when the workbook was downgraded.

Tableau Version

Tableau Version 2020.3

Note: Data sources are not downgraded during publishing.

Download an older version from Tableau Online or Tableau Server

If you're using Tableau Online or Tableau Server, you can download a workbook to be opened in an older version of Tableau Desktop.

  1. To identify which version of Tableau Desktop you're using, select Help > About Tableau from the top menu.

  2. In Tableau Server or Tableau Online, open the view you'd like to download.

  3. Click the Download button, and then click Tableau Workbook.

  4. Select the version that you want to export to. (The earliest version you can download is Tableau Desktop 10.5.)

For more information, see Download Views and Workbooks.

Additional compatibility resources

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In the Tableau Deployment Guide, check out Make Workbooks Compatible Between Versions to learn more about how different versions of Tableau products interact.

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