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Tableau 2020.1 Hands-On Training is the Best Way to Learn New Features

  1. 2021.1 and later. Tableau Public compatible (2020.1 and later). Easily connect Tableau with live MarkLogic data for up-to-date visual analysis and reporting.
  2. Feb 05, 2021 The version Tableau 2020.1 consists of different exciting ways to add some interesting activity to the user data. Also, it brings life to the most requested features of the largest Tableau community. The Tableau versions 2020.1 includes some greatest features like buffer calculations, dashboard extensions for Tableau public, etc.
  3. 2021.1 and later. Tableau Public compatible (2020.1 and later) Quick What-If. A quick way to do what-if analysis on separate members of a dimension.

2021.1 and later. Tableau Public compatible (2020.1 and later) Data Writer. Add information to your markers directly into the database of. Apr 03, 2017 Installing a new version of Tableau Desktop will not overwrite the old version of Tableau Desktop. To remove your current version entirely before installing an older version, see Completely Removing Tableau Desktop. Previous versions of tabcmd are available on the same product page as the Tableau Server version you wish to download.

Tableau training truly educates you how to use 2020.1 to its fullest power, and potential. Tableau 2020.1 has a lot of really cool and useful new features. Product demos briefly introduce them. But, our hands-on Tableau training shows you how to use them!

Tableau Version 2020.1

Start learning! Begin by downloading the exercise workbook and sample data files. Got Tableau 2020.1? Great, you’re good to go! New to Tableau? Download a trial version, and make sure that you have time to complete the training; Tableau trial versions are good for just 2 weeks.

Watch our Tableau training on YouTube all the way through, or click on timestamps to go directly to what you want to learn. This Tableau training is fast, easy, effective and FUN!

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Tableau Version 2020.1

Here’s the Agenda

  • 2:44 Session Intro
  • 4:07 Explain Data Demo
  • 6:08 Explain Data Exercise #1 Walkthrough
  • 22:02 Dynamic Parameters Demo
  • 28:18 Dynamic Parameters Exercise #2 Walkthrough
  • 39:10 Mini Quiz – .TWB vs .TWBX
  • 40:52 Buffer Function Demo
  • 44:08 Buffer Function Exercise #3 Walkthrough
  • 49:37 Mini Quiz – Radius Mileage
  • 50:45 Animation Demo
  • 53:52 Animation Exercise #4 Bar Chart Walkthrough
  • 1:01:06 Animation Exercise #4 Hans Rosling Chart Walkthrough
  • 1:08:13 Dashboard Export Button Demo
  • 1:10:13 Dashboard Export Button Exercise #5 Walkthrough

Tableau training comes in all sorts of forms: virtual, on-demand, onsite, mentoring, and so forth. Take a look at our training offerings. Have questions? Call or email us right away. We’re happy to help.

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Tableau Version 2020.1.7

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Tableau 2020.4 Download

You’re good to go. Start learning Tableau 2020.1 new features. Take the course all at once, or just click on the timestamps for laser-focused topics. Want more training? Sure thing! Call or email us right away, or visit our website for more on Tableau training, mentoring, assistance.