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Tableau is an in-demand skill. Students of all subjects need analytical skills to be competitive in today’s job market. Showcase your Tableau skills at your internship or job. To create inclusive products that empower people, we know that having diverse perspectives, abilities, and voices help us build powerful software that truly is for anyone and everyone. We celebrate and expect you to be yourself, enabling you to unlock your potential at Tableau.

Tableau is one of the most prominent tools to visualize your data in a more understandable format. It cannot only be used by students but also by the businesses. Tableau costs $70 per month per user which is no doubt, a high cost for a student. Fortunately, Tableau student version is free for students for the first year and they don't need to pay a single penny. So, let's find more about Tableau.

How to Get Tableau Free for Students
Must-have PDF Editor for Students
  1. Tableau Prep Builder is only available for a 64-bit operating system. If you want to install Tableau Desktop on a 32-bit operating system, open the Product Downloads and Release Notes page and download the installer for version 10.4 or earlier and follow the install instructions in the Tableau Desktop Deployment guide for that version.
  2. Tableau for Students Download Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder to gain data skills Get Tableau for Free We offer free one-year Tableau licenses to students at accredited academic institutions through our Tableau for Students program.
  3. Download Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder to gain data skills. Get Tableau for Free. We offer free one-year Tableau licenses to students at accredited academic institutions through our Tableau for Students program. Receive access to our entire eLearning suite once verified.

How to Get Tableau Free for Students

Before getting to the discount, let's first explore some wonderful features of Tableau that you can enjoy free of cost for the first year.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a powerful software that enables you to simplify your raw data into a graphical or visual format. It is equipped with some best features but the most powerful are its real-time analysis, data blending, and collaboration of data. Fortunately, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to use this tool and guess what, this tool is helpful not only for students but also researchers, teachers, educators, businesses, and different industries. In short, Tableau increases your productivity and saves you lots of time.

Tableau student discount application conditions

K-12 and postsecondary students, as well as, teachers are eligible to get Tableau free of cost for the first year. To get a free license, you must be 13+ and the student of one of the accredited institutions around the globe. Getting a free license is super-easy as you need to fill a simple form, further all the verification will be done by themselves.

There is a 100% discount for students for the first year and you don't need to pay a single penny to use this powerful tool. After the first year, you need to pay $70 per month.

Step-by-step guide to get Tableau for student free:

  • First, visit Tableau for students website where you'll see a form.
  • Now, fill this form where you need to enter your country or region of school, legal first and last name, email ID, school name, and the mode of use. That's it.
  • Once you enter all the information and submit the form, a third-party will verify this information from your school, and upon verification, you'll get your free license.
  • You must be a student of an accredited college, university, primary school, or secondary school. Homeschooled students must comply with state homeschooling regulations

So, it was a quick overview of Tableau and the step by step guide on how to get the software for free. Make sure you enter all the information accurate and correct, otherwise, the Tableau for students free license may not be approved.

Now, let's find another state-of-the-art tool that is said to be the best PDF editor for students and teachers.

Must-have PDF Editor for Students

PDFelement is without any doubt, the best PDF editor for students that is a multipurpose tool and enables you to perform a plethora of hectic tasks without any hassle. It is in fact, a combination of hundreds of different powerful tools that are available in the cost of a single software.

PDFelement is not an ordinary software that does some basic PDF editing but has features like creator, editor, annotator, convertor, data extractor, data importers and exporter, and much more.

PDF creation
PDF editing
Document conversion
Comments and annotations
Headers and footers
Form filling
Form creation
Digital signatures
Hand-written signatures
Optical Character Recognition
Document protection
PDF redaction

Student Discount Application Conditions

The real price of PDFelement is $129 a year but nowadays it is available for $89. For students and teachers, there is even more discount that is up to 50%. To get discounted prices, you need to apply for it.

To get a discounted copy of PDFelement, you must be enrolled in the elementary school, high school, or post-secondary school. Along with that, homeschooled students and educators are also eligible for this discount.

All you need to have is an academic or EDU email such as [email protected] or your school report card, school ID card, or a tuition bill. If you don't have either of these, don't worry and just contact our support team to apply. After a little bit of verification, you'll get a 50% discount on PDFelement.

Is Tableau Free For Students

Student Discount (50% off)

As we have already said PDFelement is offering a 50% discount for students and teachers, you just need to do a little verification and you'll be eligible for the discount. The best part of the PDFelement 50% discount is that, unlike other software companies, there are no strict criteria for verification. Such as, many companies do not offer discounts for those students who don't have an EDU email.

Tips for Getting Tableau Academic Student Discount

Follow the given tips to get Tableau Student discount without any hassle.

  • Provide accurate information while filling the form
  • Inform your school administration for swift and prompt verification
  • You must be a full-time student to get the discount
  • For a quick response, give your active email and keep checking it for any updates

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Software for elementary students

Buy PDFelement right now!

Tableau is easy-to-use data analytics software for exploring and visualizing data. Tableau places an emphasis on visual analytics, allowing you to move quickly from question to insight.

Use Tableau Desktop authoring software to create dashboards, workbooks, and analyses using the University Data Warehouse, local databases, spreadsheets, text files, and more. This work can then be shared with University faculty and staff via the Tableau server available at All Pitt faculty and staff members have access to the Tableau Server. However, they will only be able to see dashboards and data for which they have permission.

Tableau Desktop users at Pitt meet monthly to share tips, techniques, and their work. If you receive a Tableau Desktop license, you’ll automatically be added to the invitation list for those meetings.

Tableau Products for Student, Instructor, Faculty, and Administrative/Staff Use

User Type



Where to Purchase


Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep


Instructors (for classroom and/or non-commercial research use)

Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep


Staff, Faculty administrators (for administrative purposes)

Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep


* The Department pays $100 of the $536 cost; the remaining $436 is absorbed by Pitt IT.

Getting Started with Tableau is Easy

1. Choose one of the following options:

  • Students, visit Tableau for Students>, fill out the eligibility form, and download the software.
  • Instructors, visit Tableau for Teaching>, fill out the eligibility form, and download the software.
  • Faculty and staff administrators, request a departmental software purchase for Tableau through the Software Store on PantherExpress.

2. Get started with Tableau by exploring sample Tableau data visualizations

More Ways to Get the Most from Tableau

Can I try out Tableau Desktop?

Yes, download the 14-day free trial from Tableau. If you are a student or instructor, you are eligible for a free Tableau license.

Tableau Software For Students Online

Why do licenses for Tableau Desktop for staff and faculty administration now have a $100 annual cost associated with them?

The $100 charge for administrative licenses reflects recent changes to the vendor's license pricing structure for Tableau. The actual cost per license is $536. However, Pitt IT will absorb $436 of this amount.

When does the price change for administrative licenses for Tableau take place?

Immediately for new purchases of administrative licenses. Existing administrative licenses are eligible for renewal annually.

How can I access Tableau Server content?

All faculty and staff members at the University of Pittsburgh have access to the Tableau Server at Visitors to will only see dashboards and worksheets to which they have been granted access by a Tableau Desktop author.

Who has access to view a dashboard on Tableau Server?

Tableau Desktop authors publish dashboards and worksheets to the Tableau Server. These authors are also responsible for granting access to those dashboards. If you would like access to a particular dashboard, contact the author of the dashboard to request access.

What kinds of data can Tableau use?

Tableau Software Free For Students

Tableau software download, free for studentsFree

Tableau Desktop users can take advantage of several data sources connected directly to the University Data Warehouse. In addition, Tableau can ingest data from almost any database or format. It can easily connect to Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and other databases, as well as CSV and Microsoft Excel files. These data sources can then be joined together to create unified datasets for analysis.

I’d like to have Tableau Dashboards in my school, department, or business unit. Who can help me?


Tableau Software Student Version

Your school, department, or business unit may already have someone working with Tableau. If not, Pitt IT Business Intelligence provides consulting for analytics and dashboards. Contact the 24/7 IT Help Desk to find out more.