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Tableau Tip: Multiple map symbols on a same location; Useless (but fun) Tableau Tricks: 'Rendering' Images in Tableau; Tableau Prep's New Functionality in 2019.3: Start Using R & Python Scripts In Your Flows Today. USE TABLEAU TO MAP YOUR NEXT ROAD TRIP; Stock market analysis with Tableau 1/3. Jan 03, 2021 Tableau Prep Builder Download the current version 2021.1.3. 2019.3.2 Released Oct 8, 2019 2019.3.1 Released Sep 24, 2019.

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Added in version 2021.1.4

Tableau Prep Builder 2019.3.2, 2019.4.1, 2019.4.2. Resolution Option 1 Upgrade to Tableau Prep Builder 2020.1.1 Please note the following, which applies to certain. Tableau Prep is a brand-new product from Tableau designed to help everyone quickly and confidently combine, shape, and clean their data for analysis.Learn mo.

Explore your Data

Hide fields

Tableau Desktop 2019.3.3

Hide fields that you don't need to clean while still including them in your flow output. You can hide fields at any time and Tableau Prep won't generate the data for those fields until your run the flow to create your flow output. All hidden fields are marked with a hidden fields icon. View a list of hidden fields in the Hidden Fields profile card. This card is automatically generated when you hide fields in your flow.

For more information, see Hide fields.

Clean your Data

More options when converting dates

You can now convert your date field values to either the day of the week or month name in one click. This feature adds two new options to the existing Convert Dates functionality added last year.

For more information about converting date values, see Apply cleaning operations.

Tableau Desktop 2019.3

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Tableau Prep Builder 2019.3.2

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