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TabPy (the Tableau Python Server) is an Analytics Extension implementation whichexpands Tableau’s capabilities by allowing users to execute Python scripts andsaved functions via Tableau’s table calculations.

Tableau Desktop Python

Automating Analytics in Tableau — Python & Tabcmd An overview with demos on using Python to automate insights on Tableau with a look at Tabcmd, the Tableau command line utility.

Tableau Python Example

Tableau Desktop PythonTableau Desktop Python

Tableau Desktop Python Free

  • Tableau Scraper. Python library to scrape data from Tableau viz. R library is under development but a script is available to get the worksheets, see this. Python Install pip install TableauScraper Usage. Get worksheets data.
  • Tools for extracting metadata from Tableau Desktop workbook files. This package parses the underlying xml of a workbook to retrieve information on its style and data connections. Install with pip: pip install TableauDesktopPy. Provide a valid Tableau workbook file ('.twb' or '.twbx') to declare a Workbook object.
  • Tableau Prep Builder uses TabPy—an open-source tool—to execute Python code. Since script execution is an advanced feature and user setups very greatly, Prep Builder doesn’t include TabPy out of the box.

Consider reading TabPy documentation in the following order:

Tableau desktop python free
  • Authoring Python calculations in Tableau.


More technical topics:

  • Contributing Guide for TabPy developers

Other useful resources:

  • Tableau Sci-Fi Blog provides tips, tricks, underthe hood, useful resources, and technical details for how to extendTableau with data science.
  • Known Issues for the Tableau Analytics Extensions API.
  • For all questions not related to the TabPy code (installation, deployment,connections, Python issues, etc.) and requests use theAnalytics Extensions Forumon Tableau Community.