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Tableau Server - Web Client Interactor - Maintenance - 12 months. Minimum Configuration for Server: 10 Web Clients + 1 Desktop. Each license must include a purchase 1 year of maintenance. Make the most of your Tableau software with the Tableau Desktop Professional Maintenance 1 Year. You can discover patterns, identify trends and acquire visual insights with this advanced data analysis software. The Professional Edition supports more than 40 data connections and offers advanced file sharing features. Cons: Reports distribution in Tableau Desktop is clunky and connecting to SharePoint or similar distribution tools are too difficult to setup without professional IT assistance. Tableau Prep is still in early stages of development. Some Flows take much too long for what shouldn't be so challenging an operation.

Visitors to this blog keep asking me to estimate Tableau Software prices (including for Tableau Online), even Tableau published all non-server prices on its website here: However this does not include discounts, especially for enterprise volume of buying no pricing for servers of any kind (at least 2 kinds of server licenses exist) and no pricing for consulting and training.

Thanks to website of Tableau Partner “Triad Technology Partners” we have a good estimate of all Tableau prices (they are always subject of negotiations) in form of so called GSA Schedule (General Services Administration, Federal Acquisition Service, Special Items: No. 132-33 Perpetual Software Licenses, No. 132-34 Maintenance of Software as a Service, No. 132-50 Training Courses) for Tableau Software Products and Services, see it here:

What Is The Cost Of Tableau Desktop

Desktop here (for example it includes prices for IBM Cognos and others): and specific Tableau Prices here:

I grouped Tableau’s Prices (please keep in mind that TRIADpublished GSA schedule in April 2013, so it is 1 year old prices, but they are good enough for estimating purposes) in 5 groups below: Desktop, Server with licensing for Named Users (makes sense if you have less then hundred “registered” users), Core Licenses for Tableau Server (recommended when you have more then 150 “registered” users), Consulting and Training Prices:

Tableau Desktop Price

Google sheet for spreadsheet above is here:
and image of it – for those who has misbehaved browsers is below:

Tableau Desktop Price

Again, please keep in mind that above just an estimate for prices (except for Tableau Online), based on 2013 GSA Schedule, and a good negotiator can always get a good discount (I got it each time I tried). You may also wish to review more general article from Boris Evelson here:

Tableau Desktop Specialist Price


Tableau Viewer License

Note about choice between Core License and Server License with Named Users: I know organizations who choose to keep Named Users Licensing instead of switching to Core License even with more then 300 registered users, because it allows them to use much more capable hardware (with much more CPU Cores).