Sort Merged Cells Excel

Has Microsoft Office Excel ever confronted you with the error dialogue box that says “To do this, all the merged cells need to be the same size” when you are trying to sort your columns and data? It was driving me crazy, but a little dig into the documents settings revealed the culprit. To solve it just click the little triangle in the top left hand corner of your spreadsheet once to select the whole document.

Sort Merged Cells Excel

Select all cells in the worksheet. A quick way to do so is to click the triangle at the intersection of the. This video will guide you how to sort the data in selected range of cells that contain merged cells in Excel 2013 or 2016.You can read more about it here: h.

Then right click on it to reveal some options and select “Format Cells”

This will open another menu with six tabs. Select the “Alignment” tab. Once selected, find the “Merge Cells” option.

Sort merged cells excel 2016

Once you have found it, click it a few times until the box is empty.

Sort Merged Cells Excel

Once the check box is empty, click “OK” and you are back in the game!