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DISCORD BOT LIST Skynet 0 0 upvotes in May Add Skynet Upvote Skynet. An all-purpose bot with a continuously growing set of features. This bot is currently in development, so it is getting new features every week. If you have any bug reports, please join the support server. I created this bot because I see so many servers with six.

  1. Cosmic Sky Discord
  2. Sky Discord Bot

This bot is currently in development, so it is getting new features every week.
If you have any bug reports, please join the support server.
I created this bot because I see so many servers with six or more bots, which makes things complicated and cumbersome for the end-user.

Sky children of the light discord server
  1. Sky Kingdoms is a Minecraft community server with great gamemodes like Survival, Skyblock, Prison, Bedwars, Factions and much more! Come join us at The Official Discord Rules.
  2. Sky is a fun Discord bot featuring a chat-based points system & soundboard. It is dedicated to spicing up your Discord server. Sky is not spread between music functionality, utility, moderation & fun - it serves to deliver one purpose: enjoyment.
Sky discord serverDiscordSky Discord

full list of commands:

Cosmic Sky Discord

Currently, the bot has these Commands.


addmodAdd a bot moderator or group of moderators.?addmod [user or role]
addroleAdd a new role, with optional color and hoist.?addrole [name][hex color] [hoist]
announceSend an announcement using the bot.?announce [channel][message]
announce everyoneSend an announcement with @everyone.?announce everyone [channel][message]
announce hereSend an announcement with @here.?announce here [channel][message]
announce roleSend an announcement with a role mention.?announce role [role][channel] [message]
ignoreroleToggles command usage for a role. (Does not affect mods and managers)?ignorerole [role]
delroleDelete a role?delrole [role name]
delmodRemove a bot moderator?delmod [user or role]
modulesList available modules?modules
ignorechannelToggles command usage for a channel. (Does not affect mods and managers)?ignorechannel [channel]
prefixSet prefix for server?prefix [prefix]
mentionableToggle making a role mentionable on/off?mentionable [role name]
rolecolorChange the color of a role.?rolecolor [role name][hex color]
setnickChange the nickname of a user.?setnick [user][new nickname]
nickChange the bot nickname.?nickname [new nickname]
roleAdd/remove a user to a role or roles.?role [user][role name]
role addAdd a user to a role or roles.?role add [user][role]
role removeRemove a user from a role or roles.?role remove [user][role]
role toggleToggle a user from a role or roles.?role toggle [user][role]
role removeallRemove all roles from a user?role removall [user]
role allAdd/remove all users to or from a role. (Limit 1 role)?role all [role]
role botsAdd/remove all bots to or from a role.?role bots [role]
role humansAdd/remove all humans to or from a role.?role humans [role]
role inAdd/remove users to or from a role that are in a role. (Limit 1 role)?role in [in role], [role]
moduleEnable/disable a module?module [module name]
rolenameChange the name of a role.?rolename [role name], [new name]
clearwarnClear warnings a user?clearwarn [user]
removewarningDeletes the warning with a warning ID.?removewarning [warning ID]
ignoreuserToggles command usage for a user.?ignoreuser [user][reason]
listmodsList moderators?listmods
purgeDelete a number of messages from a channel. (limit 1000)?purge number
purge userDelete messages for a user in the channel.?purge [number][user or id]
purge matchDelete messages containing text. (Limit 100)?purge match [text][number]
purge notDelete messages not containing text. (Limit 100)?purge not [text][number]
purge startswithDelete messages that start with text. (Limit 100)?purge startswith [text][number]
purge endswithDelete messages that ends with text. (Limit 100)?purge endswith [text][number]
purge linksDelete a number links posted in the channel. (Limit 100)?purge links [number]
purge invitesDelete server invites posted in the channel. (Limit 100)?purge invites [number]
purge imagesDelete a number of images in the channel. (Limit 100)?purge images [number]
purge mentionsDelete messages with mentions in the channel. (Limit 100)?purge mentions [number]
purge embedsDelete messages containing rich embeds in the channel.?purge embeds [number]
purge botsDelete messages sent by bots.?purge bots [number]
purge textDelete messages containing text, ignoring images/embeds.?purge text [number]
nukeDeletes and remakes the channel.?nuke [channel]
antiraidSets the antiraid to punish joining users if an amount of users join within seconds of each other.?antiraid [off/amount of users] [seconds] [kick/mute/ban]
lock serverLocks all channels and categorys.?lock server
unlock serverunLocks all channels and categorys.?unlock server
lock categoryLocks all the channels in a category with an optional timer and message.?lock category [category], (time) (message)
unlock categoryUnlocks all the channels in a category.?unlock category [category], (message)
commandEnable/disable a command?command [command name]


cleanCleanup the bot responses.?clean (optional number)
diagnoseDiagnose any command or module in the bot to determine if there are any problems.?clean (optional number)
kickKick a member?kick [user][reason]
banBan a member, optional time limit?ban [user][limit] [reason]
muteMute a member so they cannot type or speak, time limit in minutes.?mute [user][limit] [reason]
moderationsGet a list of active moderations (timed) and remaining time.?moderations
undeafenUndeafen a member?undeafen [user]
membersList members in a role (max 90)?members [role]
rolepersistAssign/unassign a role that persists if the user leaves and rejoins.?rolepersist [user] [role], [optional reason]
unmuteUnmute a member?unmute [user](optional reason)
softbanSoftban a member (ban and immediate unban to delete user messages)?softban [user][reason]
warnWarn a member?warn [user][reason]
deafenDeafen a member?deafen [user]
lockLock a channel with optional timer and message.?lock channel (message)
reasonSupply a reason for a mod log case?reason [case num] [reason]
modlogsGet a list of mod logs for a user?modlogs [user]
unlockUnlock a previously locked channel.?unlock channel
unbanUnban a member?unban [user or id][optional reason]
caseShow a single mod log case?case [Case ID]


rolemenulist of all rolemenu commands.?rolemenu
rolemenu createCreate a role menu.?rolemenu create [remove role on unreact] [rolemenu title]
rolemenu deleteDelete a role menu with its message ID.?rolemenu delete [role menu ID]
rolemenu addAdd a role to a role menu.?rolemenu add [role menu ID] [emoji] [role to give] [description]
rolemenu removeRemove a role to a role menu.?rolemenu remove [role menu ID] [emoji]
rolemenu resetreactionsReset the reactions of a role menu to be one again.?rolemenu resetreactions [role menu ID]


Sky Discord Bot

afkSet an AFK status to display when you are mentioned?afk
afk setSet an AFK status shown when you’re mentioned, and display in nickname.?afk set [status]
afk ignoreUse in a channel to not return from AFK when talking in that channel.?afk ignore [channel]
remindmeSet a reminder?remindme [reminder]
colorShow a color using hex.?color [color hex]
avatarGet a users’ avatar.?avatar [user]
randomcolorGenerates a random hex color with preview.?randomcolor
whoisGet user information.?whois [user mention]
distanceGet the distance between two sets of coordinates?distance [coords] [coords]
membercountGet the server member count.?membercount
discrimGets a list of users with a discriminator?discrim 1234
emotesGets a list of server emojis.?emotes
serverinfoGet server info/stats.?serverinfo