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And I was never a big fan of using 'Mass Blessing' but after sigils, this became my great fun. My Team: Hermes Wonder + Witchcraft Autumn Witchcraft + Cruelty Ik'ez Acceptance + Purity Okay, 'Mass Blessing' with hermes, poison with Autumn, which may do a big damage - Cruelty RNG:- - but a good extra passive with Witchcraft. Sigil given by HERMES 1613 in a series of graphic occult structures: The duplex symbolises the idea of spiritual growth – an inner quality is protected within the nutrient of a shielding outer quality. The sigil may also be interpreted as being symbolic of the alchemical process itself. Sigil given in HERMES 1613, with a multi-layer meaning, for such principles as Mercury of the Philosophers, the Materia Prima, and for the Mercury which is ‘the beginning, purpose and end of the alchemical work: DEE 1564 intended his famous MONAD sigil. To represent Unity. CIRLOT 1962 gives a single dot. To represent ‘unity, the. Hermes is the god of trade, heraldry, merchants, commerce, roads, thieves, trickery, sports, travelers, and athletes in Ancient Greek religion and mythology; the son of Zeus and the Pleiad Maia, he was the second youngest of the Olympian gods (Dionysus being the youngest).

I call to the messenger of the blessed gods,
More nimble than wind
Faster than Zeus’s lightning
Angelos Athanaton
Come on winged foot
God of swift feet and messengers

I call to the clear-sighted one,
The clear-headed schemer,
The author of many cunning plans
Come to me by paths that wind
Like the writhing belly of a snake
God of snakes
And those who speak with forked-tongue
For I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

I call to you
Who guides the feet of the psyche,
Through doors Celestial
— and Chthonic,
Into temptation or away from evil,
In life as well as in death
Waking and sleeping.
For though the way to the underworld is obscure to me
And though I cannot walk
From dream to dream
No path is hidden from you.

I call to the messenger of the blessed dead,
Taking coins from the marketplace
Adding them to Charon’s bribe —
Entering even into a house of Hades.
A shepherd of his wealth
Angelos Makaron
Come by the way that is hidden in plain sight
Through unseen doors that are always open
And bring to me an omen from places below
For I know not where to look

I call to the sleepless one,
Resting with one sharp eyed open
Watchful shepherd,
Aesop would pour out a libation of milk
To Epimelios
God of rustic arts:

Poetry, pan-pipe and dalliance
Come to us, weary traveller
Take a respite from your wandering

Sigil Helmet Quest

I call to the helpful one,
Friend of humankind
Savior of Odysseus,
Come and join us,
For though there might be rules
Which would withhold your presence from us,
You know, I know, and we all know
That such rules cannot bind you
— Unless you so choose.

I haven’t worked much with the Square of Mercury (bad witch … no cookie). But the other day I got het up about using the Square as a possible vehicle for a deeper contact with Hermes, upon whom I call before any form of divination. I suspect Hermes and Mercury may be the same god known by two different names (something I don’t assume is the case, when looking at gods of similar attributes from different cultures).

Before I launch into talking about it, I guess I’d better explain that the Square of Mercury looks like this:



A square of 8 lines of 8, with each row (vertical, horizontal and diagonal) adding up to 260. Agrippa wrote about it in the second of his three volunes, Of Occult Philosophy. One of the many popular ways to use the Square is to ritually prepare one as a magical tool, and before any work requiring Mercury’s aid, let your eyes rest on each of the numbers in sequential order from 1 to 64.

Inspiration struck, and I thought I’d chalk out a Square of Mercury on the pavement at a crossroads and and try walking the numbers. (Which would make a great public altar, but that’s a post for another time …)

Sounds mighty powerful, right?


Unfortunately, in practice it’s quite cumbersome. Standing in the Square of Mercury, time dragged as I tried to locate the next number, and then the next, craning my head and turning about at each attempt. So I stepped off of the Square, and tried walking the pattern on the unmarked pavement, using the Square in front of me as a guide. That was better, but still pretty awkward.

Then I had a notion — perhaps I could distill a pattern from the movements, and turn it into a dance. Back home and armed with pen, paper and a Square of Mercury, I began to unravel the sequence.

I was both surprised and delighted by what I found.

The same figure — perhaps a sigil? — repeats 8 times in the Square of 8 — four times in what I think of as an upright position, and four times facing downwards. Superimposed over the figures in the course of their being made are three crosses, each formed differently.


I won’t include the shape of the figure here, in case some of you would rather not see the sigil hidden within the Square. If any of you would like to see it sketched out, email me, and I’ll send it to you.

The crosses intrigue me. I keep bumping up against the practice of signing three crosses over something to magically seal it. It always felt like a Christian overlay to me, but I see now how the practice may be much older.

The crosses in the Square of Mercury are formed like this:



Sigil Of Hermes Meaning

The picture includes the numbers used in making the crosses, so you can see that two of the horizontal lines are at slight angles —

For the first cross — up to down, then right to left.For the second cross — down to up, then left to right.For the third cross — down to up, then right to left

Knowing that they may have pagan roots, my snobbish self will use the crossings more often. Especially when calling upon Hermes before reading the cards:

Hermes, Lord of the Crossroads,In Thy Name I take up these cards.From a word to a word, let me be led to a word.From a sign to another sign.*


Sigil helmet quest rogue lineage

*Adapted by a friend of mine from Paul Huson’s divination rhyme in Mastering Witchcraft.

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Sigil Helmet Quest Rogue Lineage

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