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Icelandic magical staves (Icelandic: galdrastafir) are sigils that were credited with supposed magical effect preserved in various Icelandic grimoires dating from the 17th century and later.[1][better source needed]

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Table of magical staves[edit]

With the green marker, draw the sigil on the paper. Fold the sheet in half (two times) and insert it into the glass jar. Fill the jar with salt and close it. After a week, take the money sigil out of the jar and keep it in your wallet for up to a month. Daily 'Luck Ritual' #2: Find (or make) a good luck charm. And believ it will improve your luck. Daily 'Luck Ritual' #3: Begin each day with a positive affirmation. It only takes a few seconds, and can set the stage for each day. Daily 'Luck Ritual' #4: Put postive energy into the world by helping others in need. I believe this goodwill.

Icelandic nameManuscript descriptionImage
Að unni“To get a girl”, this magical stave is used by a man in love to gain the affections of the object of his desires.
ÆgishjálmurHelm of Awe (or Helm of Terror); to induce fear, protect the warrior, and prevail in battle.[citation needed]
AngurgapiCarved on the ends of barrels to prevent leaking.[citation needed]
BrýnslustafirFor use on whetstones.[2]
DraumstafirTo dream of unfulfilled desires.[2]
DreprúnTo kill an enemy's cattle.[3]
FeingurA fertility rune.[2]
GapaldurTwo staves, kept in the shoes, gapaldur under the heel of the right foot and ginfaxi under the toes of the left foot, to magically ensure victory in bouts of Icelandic wrestling (glíma).[citation needed]
HólastafurTo open hills.[citation needed]
KaupalokiTo prosper in trade and business.[citation needed]
LásabrjóturTo open a lock without a key.
LukkustafirWhoever carries this symbol with them encounters no evil, neither on the sea nor on the land.[4]
MáladeilanTo win in court.[5]
NábrókarstafurA stave used when making necropants (nábrók), a pair of trousers made from the skin of a dead man that are capable of producing an endless supply of money.[6]
SkelkunarstafurTo make your enemies afraid.[7] (A similar looking stave is titled Óttastafur in the Huld Manuscript.)
Rosahringur minniA lesser circle of protection.[citation needed]
SmjörhnúturButterknot, to find out if butter was made using milk stolen by a Tilberi.[8]
Stafur gegn galdriStaves against witchcraft.[9]
Stafur til að vekja upp draugTo invoke ghosts and evil spirits.[citation needed]
ÞjófastafurFor use against thieves.[10]
TóustefnaTo ward off foxes.[11]
Varnarstafur ValdemarsValdemar's Protection Stave; increases favor and happiness.
VatnahlífirProtection against drowning.
VegvísirTo guide people through rough weather.[2]
VeiðistafurFor luck in fishing.

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Imagine being able to write down your wishes and have them come true.

Well, that’s basically what sigil magic promises.

Creating your first sigil is a simple process, but it can be complicated if you’re new to magic.

It’s important to learn how to do it right. If you don’t follow the proper steps, your sigil might never manifest into what you want. Or in the worst case scenario, it might have unintended consequences.

Using sigils is the kind of magic that I most recommend for beginners because it’s the type I’ve had the most success with personally.

I’ve used sigil magic to produce real, tangible results in my life that I think go beyond what’s just possible by chance.

I’ll show you how to use powerful sigil magic to manifest your desires. As well as what traps and pitfalls to avoid. But first, you need to understand a bit about what a sigil actually is.

5How to Create and Cast Your First Sigil
5.2Some disclaimers about your intention
5.6Charging Your Sigil
7Why Might Some Sigils Fail?

What Is a Sigil?

A sigil is a magical symbol. It comes from the Latin word sigillum, which means seal.

In many schools of magick, sigils are used to represent angels, demons, and other entities that a magician might want to summon and gives him control over them. Libraries full of books called grimoires exist which contain page after page of such sigils. One of the more known ones is the Lesser Key of Solomon, which outlines the sigils for the 72 princes of hell.

But in chaos magic, we use sigils as a way to represent a desire. Chaos magicians usually believe that instead of being supernatural beings, the power of sigils is in their ability to tap into the human unconscious mind. Instead of controlling demons and other external forces, we use sigils to control our own psyche.

Corporate Magic

The world is full of symbolism. When you look around, every major corporation is using sigil magic in the form of logos.

When you look at the McDonald’s arch or the siren in the Starbucks logo, I believe there’s more going on with them than meets the eye.

Sure, it’s a brand marketing thing. You want people to see your logo and recognize it, as well as associate it with positive attributes. And logos are great for that purpose. Meaningless shapes can be used to represent a company in a way that transcends any particular language and spreads like a virus.

They also create a bit of a Pavlovian response. Don’t you have a slight craving for some french fries at the mere sight of a McDonald’s sign?

But I’d suggest that sigils and logos are more than just that.

When people are looking at sigils and giving them attention, they are actually charging it and giving it power. With enough energy, it almost starts to take on a life of its own.

Do CEOs and marketing executives know the power of what they’re using? In some cases, definitely not. But I feel like more of them know about the power that logos and sigils hold than they would ever let on.

So Sigils Are Used to Manipulate People?

Luck Spells Wicca

Sigils aren’t inherently good or evil.

They’re just a tool. In the same way you can use a hammer to build a home or bash in the head of your enemy.

Businesses use sigils in the form of logos to manipulate people’s behavior and drive sales of their products.

But sigils can be used in more positive ways as well, to empower or heal people.

I’d recommend that you avoid using sigils to coerce people or override their free will. Although even that might be seen as positive in some cases, like helping a friend overcome their alcohol addiction.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you how you want to employ sigil technology, and you’re responsible for your own karma.

The Benefits of Sigil Magic

Why do sigil magic?

If you’re still reading, then you most likely have a desire for something you want. Most people do. You wish you could just cast a magic spell and make it happen instantly.

Sigil magic is a quick and easy way to throw your intention out into the universe and try to manifest what you want. I think of it as a supercharged prayer.

One of the significant benefits of sigil magic is that it doesn’t require lengthy and elaborate ceremonies. You don’t have to buy a bunch of materials or memorize a bunch of hard-to-pronounce words and names. You don’t need incense, or special herbs, crystals, or oils.

All you need to start is a pencil or pen and a piece of paper!

That makes it perfect for someone just starting out, or those who want to practice magic but can’t afford to buy all that expensive other stuff.

You can even do sigil magic in public. After all, it’s just lines on a piece of paper. People will just think you’re doodling unless they perform magic themselves or you tell them.

Best of all, making a sigil is fast. It just takes a few minutes.

How to Create and Cast Your First Sigil

Here’s a basic technique to get you started with sigil magic. Like most forms of magic, there are many methods and everyone does it a little differently. But this is what I consider the minimum steps needed to make your sigil successful.

Set your intention

The first step in making a sigil is to create a clear statement about your intentions. You want to lay this out very specifically so the manifestation is precisely what you want.

Write down a single statement. Write it in the present tense as if you already have what you want.


Don’t write “I WANT A HOUSE.” You want to project having, not wanting. Write your desire out like it has already come true.

Some disclaimers about your intention


Make it absolutely clear

During this step, you need to think of your sigil either like a computer, or a genie that takes everything absolutely literally. You need to set parameters to avoid unintended consequences.

For example, if you use a sigil to wish for a big sum of money. The sigil might work and make this happen, but it might do so by causing your parents to die and having you inherit their will.

Sigils take the path of least resistance to accomplish their goals, and sometimes that can have tragic consequences. So be specific with your intention. An excellent way to do this is to tack on the phrase “and harm no one.” onto the end of your statement of intent.

Avoid negative words

Sigils don’t recognize words like “can’t” or “don’t” that negate something. They gloss them over and ignore them entirely. Which can often make your sigil do the opposite of what you want it to do.

For example, if you write “DON’T HARM ANYONE,” the sigil will ignore the negating part of the phrase and read it as “HARM ANYONE.” That’s quite an unfortunate thing to instruct your sigil to do.

Always give your sigil instructions of what you want it to do, in this case “HARM NO ONE,” not what you don’t want it to do.

Obscure the meaning of your phrase

Next you want to obscure the meaning of your phrase to make it less literal and more symbolic.

Start by taking all the vowels and spaces out of your sentence.

For the example above,




Already starting to look kind of weird, right?

Now we take out any duplicate letters

So HVBTFLHSWHCHSFLLYPDFF will reduce down to:


This random string of letters already probably seems unrecognizable even to yourself, but it’s embedded with your original intention. It means the same thing as your original phrase, but it has extra magical power since no one can decipher it.

Drawing your sigil

This stage is where you get to be creative.

Take your letters one by one and start arranging them into a new symbol. You can layer different letters over top of each other, using part of one letter to form another.

You can also turn letters upside down, reverse them, or do whatever you want.

Feel free to add any extra little lines and symbols that you want, and try to make the symbol feel as “magical” as possible, whatever that means for you.

Most sigils look weird, like an alien language, ancient runes, or just indecipherable chicken scratches. You can make your sigil suit whatever style you like. There’s no wrong or right way to do it. As long as it feels right for you when you’re done.

When you’re done, put the whole thing in a circle.

Here’s an example of a sigil that I made from my letters above. If you look carefully, you’ll see all the letters incorporated in one way or another:

I tried to make mine look like a house for extra swag points. That just adds another level of depth and meaning to it.

Forget About Your Sigil

Honestly, I think this step might be optional. I have a tough time forgetting the original intention of my sigil, plus I’m impatient. So I usually just end up charging and releasing it right away.

But for maximum effectiveness, you might want to try this. Some people think you need to forget the original purpose of your sigil for it to work.

This can be tough. Especially since if you care about something enough to make a sigil about it, it’s pretty hard to get it off your mind.

The easiest way to get around this is to create a bunch of sigils all at the same time. Then put your sigils all together in an envelope for a few weeks or months, and come back to them when you totally forget their original meanings.

For this reason, you might not want to make your sigil obviously shaped like a house as I did above.

The reason for forgetting the purpose of your sigil is to disconnect yourself from it. If you remember the original meaning, you’ll keep desiring it, wondering when the sigil will work.

Some people think that for a sigil to work, you need to completely let go and let it go work its magic out in the universe for you. Feel confidence and success, not worry and longing for the end result.

If it’s an emergency and you have a magical friend that you trust, you might bypass the month-long waiting period by getting them to cast your sigils for you, and vice versa. Although I don’t like this approach since it gets other people’s energy all entangled up in your business. Plus you have no guarantee that the person fully knows what they’re doing and is giving it 100% of their effort.

Charging Your Sigil

This is the last step in the process.

Here you’ll embue your sigil with the energy it needs to accomplish the task you’ve given it.

Right now your sigil is just some drawings on a piece of paper or a computer file. That is until you charge it with energy. Prana, life force, ki, qi, whatever you want to call it or visualize it as.

There’s a bunch of different methods for charging your sigil. But they all rely on the same thing: looking at your sigil during a moment of complete mindlessness when all of your internal chatter has stopped.

The most popular methods include:


Either alone or with a partner. At the moment of orgasm, focus intently on your sigil with an empty mind.


Use your preferred method of meditation to obtain an empty mind. Once you think you can maintain it for 30 seconds or so, begin staring at your sigil and charging it.

Dancing or spinning

Spin in circles or dance around until your mind is clear enough to charge the sigil.

When you reach a state of mindlessness, visualize your sigil in your mind or stare at an image of it. You’ll know the sigil is fully charged when you can literally see glowing energy around it.

Remember that your mind has to be completely clear for this to work. Even one stray thought that crosses your mind while charging the sigil can distort it, changing its original meaning or rendering it useless.

Let It Go

Once your sigil is charged, use your imagination to visualize it flying off the page or into the universe to accomplish your task.

Some people hang their sigil somewhere they’ll see it multiple times a day afterward. That way you’ll catch glances of it throughout the day and continue to charge it.

Optionally, you can destroy the sigil. Sometimes I destroy my sigils right away once I’ve launched them, other times I wait until they complete their task.

If you created your sigil on a piece of paper, rip it into tiny pieces and throw it away or burn it. If you made a digital copy, scribble all over it, put it in your recycling bin, and permanently delete it.

Sigil for good luck

Do Sigils Really Work?


In my opinion, yes.

I feel like I’ve had enough sigils work that they seem to get me results higher than what I’d expect by sheer luck or coincidence.

But they don’t always work exactly how you want or expect.

For example, one of the first sigils I created was called MONEYMAN which I made to try and win the lottery.

I never ended up winning the lottery, what a surprise.

But a few days after casting the sigil, I did get an offer to interview for a summer internship that I didn’t even apply for. I ended up getting the job, and it paid me about $25/hr for relatively easy work. That’s a higher wage than what I’ve earned for any job since.

Wiccan good luck spells

So if you look at it literally, my sigil failed because I didn’t win the lottery. But I consider it a success since it was able to find me a pretty decent consolation prize. Especially for an unskilled magician casting his first ever sigil.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve also had sigils fail miserably. I had casted one sigil to try and make a girl attracted to me. She ended up moving to a different city and I never heard or saw from her again.

Why Might Some Sigils Fail?

There are a few reasons why your sigil might not be working out the way you expected it to.

You might be subconsciously holding yourself back

You can create a sigil for money or love. But maybe at a subconscious level, you don’t honestly feel like you’re worthy of those things and you’re holding yourself back.

You might be asking for something unreasonable

You could use sigils to ask for really unlikely things, like winning the lottery. But sigils can only do so much with the energy you put into them, and your general adeptness at magic.

You can make a sigil to cause a comet to crash into the Earth, but chances are you don’t have the power necessary to bend the laws of gravity.

You need to do some of the work too

If you make a sigil for something, you have to at least put yourself in reasonable situations where it could possibly manifest. If you make a sigil to find your soulmate but then never leave your house, it’s a lot harder for the sigil to make that a reality.

Easy Ways To Test If Sigils Really Work

If you want to try out sigils, start small.

Pick something where you’re not attached to the outcome at all. It should have no consequence.

Also make it pretty unlikely, but not impossible.

You might want to create a sigil to find an action figure on your front lawn. Or to overhear someone humming the song Africa by Toto.

Start small with goofy little ideas to prove to yourself that sigils might be for real. Even after one or two come true, you might still wonder if it’s a coincidence.

The only way to be sure is to keep making more and see for yourself.

How Long Do Sigils Take To Work?

Like all forms of magic, it’s hard to give a definitive answer.

For some people, they’re really fast acting. You might cast a sigil and immediately receive a phone call about what you wanted. For other people it might take months or years.

Generally the bigger something is you’re asking for, the more time it will take your sigil to pull some strings and make it a reality.

For me personally, sigils take anywhere from a couple of days to about a month. Past a month I can pretty much abandon hope that a sigil is going to work.

But to know for yourself you’ll need to make multiple sigils and track how long it takes.

What Can I Use Sigils For?

Short answer, anything.

But of course, there are some generally accepted ethics to go along with that. Most people would say it’s misusing sigils to punish, harm, or kill someone. Or make them do something they otherwise wouldn’t want to do.

Basically the same things that would make you a douchebag if you were trying to do them without magic.

But really the powers of sigils are limitless.

It’s still best to start small though.

Good Luck Sigil

Don’t make a sigil to make yourself the CEO of a company when you’re totally unqualified for that.

Start by using a sigil to bring good positions to your attention so you can apply to them, then make a sigil to be charismatic and charming during your interview, and so on.

The more you can isolate little parts instead of trying to influence a large complicated system, the more luck you’ll have.

How Do Sigils Work?

There’s many theories about what exactly is happening when you create a sigil.

At a most basic and plausible level, creating a sigil is a way of programming your subconscious. No different from using positive affirmations or visualization. It just gives you an extra something to push you toward your goals.

Other people think of using sigils more like hacking the fabric of the universe itself. Imagine yourself as being in the Matrix. Creating sigils would be like rewriting the very code of the universe to achieve the outcomes you want.

At the most spiritual level, a charged sigil actually becomes a lifeform of its own. You can think of it as a thoughtform or egregoire. Kind of like golems of Jewish legend which are clay figures brought to life by magic. But in a more non-physical, ethereal sense.

If you really think about it, all the gods and demons of organized religion could be considered to be thoughtforms. People imagine them and worship them to such an extent that they actually develop a power of their own.

Never Deny Your Sigil’s Work: A Word of Warning

In many types of magic, it’s believed that if you achieve your end result by using magic but then deny it, you will lose everything you gained.

I think sigils are similar. Even if it’s not the case, it’s better safe than sorry.

If something seemingly magical happens because of your sigils, don’t deny them and try to rationalize it away with probability or coincidence.

Sigil Of Good Luck Chords


Sigils are a powerful but simple way to introduce yourself to magic.

Even corporations are using sigils in the form of logos, so why not try to harness some of that power for yourself?

You can create a sigil within just a few minutes, but the results of your effort can be life-changing.

It’s as easy as writing out an intention statement, removing some of the letters, and making them into a magical-looking symbol. Just be sure to word your intention carefully to avoid any blowback or unintended consequences.

Sigils To Break Them Up

If you still want to learn more about sigil magic, I recommend checking out this book (Amazon link) for a more in-depth understanding.

Sigil Of Good Luck Meaning

Have you ever created a sigil? Was it successful, and if so, what did you manifest with it?