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The TLDR of their reasoning is Go’s garbage collection was causing performance problems at scale. Since Rust doesn’t have a garbage collector, it allowed the team to manage their memory use more effectively. Their results were… uplifting:

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Development of Rust, and general chatter happens on several chat platforms. Check out general channels and more on the Rust Discord server, or check out the teams page to find where specific teams meet. Official Discord for the RockyRust servers. Find teammates, chat, make suggestions and ask questions. 16,626 members.

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Remarkably, we had only put very basic thought into optimization as the Rust version was written. Even with just basic optimization, Rust was able to outperform the hyper hand-tuned Go version. This is a huge testament to how easy it is to write efficient programs with Rust compared to the deep dive we had to do with Go.


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This is not a Go sucks switch to Rust story. It is a well-reasoned argument for using one technology over the other when it makes sense to do so.

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When starting a new project or software component, we consider using Rust. Of course, we only use it where it makes sense.