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20 votes, 30 comments. 8.0k members in the RG350 community. News, information, discussions, and just general fanboying for the RG350 handheld game. Hi guys,in this video i want to show you how to make use of RetroArch's internal playlist scanner (Scan Directory function).The scanner needs some files to f. If you happened to follow MashTec’s video from January 2020 about an early RetroArch build for RG350, you may have some residual config files on your device, which we need to delete. Go into the media/data/local/home/ folder on your internal card and if you see a directory named “.retroarch”, just delete that whole folder. Are you a retro handheld collecter or merely a player? If your answer is the former one, you must catch a glimpse of today’s protagonist, RG280m. Anbernic announced its launch in early June and its appearance reminds us straightly of RG350m. It’s like a little sibling of RG350m, with only one single joystick and smaller. Shipping Way: 4PX(default)/ DHL (may have DUTY TAX) Lead time: 5 working days Shipping Time: 20-45 days (it may has some delay due to the different countries and please consider the shipping time when ordering) Note: We will return money back if the country could not delivery.


Not a real programmer
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I have just read this article and my first thought (naturally) was 'What will this mean for the Pandora?'
Could this upcoming port be modified over to Pandora?
Now that is probably a dumb question but please keep in mind that I'm not what you would call a 'real' programmer(I know SQL and I learnt a few script-type languages but that's about it. I can't compile anything and Object Oriented Programming does my head in! ) (Trying to learn OOP literally makes my head hurt! )
The RG350M has better specs than the Pandora 1 GHz which places us at a disadvantage. (But then again, RA has been ported to mini-consoles which are inferior to the Pandora)
Another problem is the screen size difference. The RGs 640 x 480 to our 800 x 480. Unless it would be possible to port this as 'letter boxed' so the video would output as 640 x 480 with black borders on our 800 x 480 screen? (IDK if this is doable or not. I'm not a real programmer!)
I'm guessing the biggest issue would be the different chipset?
Can somebody break the bad news to me gently?!