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You are correct, RetroArch is a frontend. People are wrongly expecting libretro cores to be ported/compatible with MIPS SoCs. That said, so far these have all been tested as functional on the RG350: snes9x2010libretro.so. Possible to install retroarch on RG350M? By using this website, you agree that we and our partners may set cookies for purposes such as customising content and advertising. RG350 - Set RetroArch as default frontend - YouTube Hello guys,in this video i want to show you how to set RetroArch as your default frontend on the RG350.All you need to do, it to is put a small. Upcoming OpenDingux Fork firmware for the RG350 from tonyjih - Ninoh-FOX/RG350-ROGUE-CFW. RetroArch with Metal (for x86 x64 / ARM Mac – Universal app. RetroArch with Metal (for x86 x64 / ARM Macs) is a ‘universal’ version. This means that it will work on both ARM and Intel Macs. It uses the latest technologies available in modern Macs, like a new CoreAudio 3 driver, and a Metal graphics driver.

The Intellivision is a home video game console released by Mattel in 1979

EmulatorRom FolderExtensionBIOSController Config
lr-freeintvintellivision.7z .bin .int .itv .rom .zipexec.bin, grom.bin/opt/retropie/configs/intellivision/retroarch.cfg
jzintvintellivision.bin .int .itv .romexec.bin, grom.bin, ECS.BIN (optional), IVOICE.BIN (optional)hardcoded

ROM and BIOS Paths

Place Intellivision ROMs in

Place your BIOS files in:


lr-freeintv is a libretro emulation core for the Mattel Intellivision designed to be compatible with joypads from the SNES era forward even if they originally required a number pad.

Retroarch Opendingux


lr-freeintv requires two Intellivision BIOS files to be placed in the libretro 'system' folder:

FunctionFilename*MD5 Hash
Executive ROMexec.bin62e761035cb657903761800f4437b8af
Graphics ROMgrom.bin0cd5946c6473e42e8e4c2137785e427f
  • BIOS filenames are case-sensitive

Entertainment Computer System and Intellivoice

lr-freeintv does not currently support Entertainment Computer System (ECS) and Intellivoice functionality. Contributions to the source are welcome!

Controller overlays

Mattel Intellivision games were often meant to be played with game-specific cards overlaid on the numeric keypad. These overlays convey information which can be very useful in gameplay. Images of a limited selection of Intellivision titles are available at: http://www.intellivisionlives.com/bluesky/games/instructions.shtml



  • Mini-Keypad - Allows the user to view and select keys from a small Intellivision pad in the lower corner of the display.
  • Controller Swap - Some Intellivision games expect the left controller to be player one, others expect the right controller. This isn't a problem if you have two controllers (and don't mind juggling them) but users with only one controller or using a portable setup would be effectively locked out of some games. Controller Swap swaps the two controller interfaces so that the player does not have to physically swap controllers.
RetroPadlr-freeintv Function
D-Pad8-way movement
Left Analog Stick16-way disc
BLeft Action Button
ARight Action Button
YTop Action Button
XUse the Last Selected Intellivision Keypad Button. In Astrosmash, for example, you can leave '3' selected to enable instant access to hyperspace.
L/RActivate the Mini-Keypad
StartPause Game
SelectController Swap

lr-freeintv utilises Retroarch controller configurations. Add custom retroarch controls to the retroarch.cfg file in /opt/retropie/configs/intellivision/retroarch.cfg

For more information on RetroArch controls see: RetroArch Configuration



jzIntv requires at least the first two Intellivision BIOS files listed below to be placed in the libretro 'system' folder:

FunctionFilename*MD5 Hash
Executive ROMexec.bin62e761035cb657903761800f4437b8af
Graphics ROM - 213 predefined character images and some EXEC routines; Tutorvision variantgrom.bin0cd5946c6473e42e8e4c2137785e427f
Entertainment Computer System (ECS) ROM - additional EXEC routines, the BASIC programming interpreter, and graphics of musical notesECS.BIN2e72a9a2b897d330a35c8b07a6146c52
Intellivoice RESROM - resident ROM containing common speech words and phrases as well as program instructionsIVOICE.BINd5530f74681ec6e0f282dab42e6b1c5f
Keyboard Component EXEC ROM - BIOS for the Keyboard Component peripheral; PicSe (picture sequencer) routines for multimedia software??
  • BIOS filenames are case-sensitive


By default, jzIntv maps the first (left) analog stick to the left controller's disc input. In addition, the first 9 buttons are mapped to the 3 action buttons as follows:

jzIntv maps the first joystick's first hat's 8 directions to the numeric keypad on the right controller, making the hat usable in games such as Night Stalker and TRON Deadly Discs. [Source]

It is possible to remap these using a keyboard hack file. Instructions on creating these can be found HERE. Keys 0, Clear and Enter on the numeric keypad are not mapped by default so a keyboard hack file would be required to this.

Keyboard Controls

Memory Map Config Files:

Anbernic rg350 manual

If a rom does not load leaving you with a black screen (and the files dump.cpu and dump.mem in your home folder upon exit), then you need a memory map config file. This is likely to be the case for titles from Atarisoft, Imagic or INTV Corp.

First determine which config file your rom requires from this spreadsheet.

Next download the config file from here and rename it the same as the your rom.

Rg350 Retroarch

For example, you are trying to get atlantis.int to work. From the spreadsheet, you see that it takes memory map #7 so download 7.cfg and rename it atlantis.cfg. Place it in your roms folder and your rom should now work.

Full details about using memory map config files can be found here.

One of the first steps to fully exploit the potential of the RG350 is to connect it to your computer. This is different from comparable devices with internal mass storage. The device is not recognized as a removable storage device via a USB connection, but establishes an FTP connection with a network device. This article shows you how to successfully connect your RG350 to your computer in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

Einer der ersten Schritte um das volle potenzial des RG350 nutzen zu können, ist das Gerät an den Computer anzuschließen. Hierzu verhält es sich anders als bei vergleichbaren Geräten mit internen Massenspeicher. Das Gerät wird nicht über eine USB-Verbindung als Wechseldatenträger erkannt, sondern baut einer FTP-Verbindung mit einem Netzwerkgerät auf. Dieser Artikel zeigt dir auf einfache und verständliche Weise, wie du deinen RG350 erfolgreich mit deinem Computer verbindest.

Table of Contents

Rg350 Handheld Retroarch

  1. Get the Resources
  2. Install the Resources

Get the Resources

Network Driver

To access the RG350 under Windows 10, a network driver must be installed. You can get the driver here:


On your Computer, you may also want to download your favorite SFTP/FTP client if you haven’t already. We generally recommend:

Install the Resources

Network Driver

Extract the previously downloaded archive into a folder of your choice and open it.

Right-click on the RNDIS.inf file and select Install.

Done! You have successfully installed the driver.


No special steps necessary. Install the program normally if you don’t have a client yet.

Connect your RG350

Connect the RG350 to a free USB port on your computer using the supplied USB-C cable.

Use the USB2 marked port on the RG350!

Switch on the RG350 and go to the settings tab. Then open the network app and see if IP addrs: contains usb0:

It may happen that there is no IP address there. Just wait or restart the APP.

Open the SFTP/FTP client of your choice and start a new SFTP connection to the IP address and the user root. Leave the password field empty.

That’s it! You are connected to the RG350 and can navigate through the files of the RG350.

Verbinde den RG350 über das mitgelieferte USB-C Kabel mit einem freien USB-Port deines Computers.

Benutze den mit USB2 gekennzeichneten Port am RG350!

Rg350 Emulators

Schalte den RG350 ein und gehe auf den Reiter settings. Danach öffnest du die Netzwerk-App und schaust, ob unter IP addrs: der Eintrag usb0: steht.

Es kann vorkommen, dass dort keine IP-Adresse steht. Einfach etwas warten oder starte die APP neu.

Öffne dein SFTP/FTP-Clienten deiner Wahl und starte eine neue SFTP Verbindung zu der IP-Adresse und dem User root. Das Passwortfeld lässt du leer.

Das wars! Du bist mit dem RG350 verbunden und kannst dich durch die Dateien des RG350 navigieren.

Further information

If you are connected via SFTP/FTP many directories are write-protected. This is intentional and part of the relatively safe handling of OpenDingux user customizations.

Some directories that are interesting for the user and are used more often are given in the following table:

Ist man über SFTP/FTP verbunden sind viele Verzeichnisse schreibgeschützt. Das ist gewollt und Bestandteil des relativ sicheren Umgang mit Nutzeranpassungen von OpenDingux.

Einige Verzeichnisse, die für den Nutzer interessant sind und häufiger genutzt werden, liefert die folgende Tabelle:

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