Project Jojo Discord

1: Have common sense.

An unofficial subreddit for the roblox game: Project jojo created by MlgArcOfOz and inspired by Hirohiko Araki's long running manga series. Jojo's bizzare adventure. Music used- Project Jojo discord- my discord I actually could. Rates upon the current Trade Values in the Value/Trading Economy from via 'Project JoJo' Official Discord. No Photos Currently Available NOTE: This is not the. Can someone send me a link to the discord. Project jojo project project jojo, I be I be looking for an arrow. Project jo jo jo jo jo jo.

2: Any sort of advertising (via DMs or in chat) is prohibited.

3: Spamming will result in a permanent ban with no appeal.

4: No racism, words like 'nigga' are allowed but don't use it too much or don't use it in a rude form.
4.5: Know the difference between a joke and actual racism/toxicity.

5: Don't Impersonate staff members. This includes PFPs, names, nickname copies.

6: No NSFW, this includes profile pictures, images,and links.

7: Harassing is bad. Don't do that.

8: Mass-pinging (4+ Pings) Is Forbidden.

9: Don't ping staff (Trello Staff+) without a valid reason.
9.5: Pinging pyfrog without reason will result in a ban.

10: Don't ping MlgArcOfOz.
10.5: Encouraging others to ping MLG is bannable.

11: Borderline NSFW will result in a mute.

12: Disrespecting any staff will result in a mute, using trusted role to harass anyone on the staff team will result in you losing your trusted role.

13: Using a trusted role to post borderline NSFW will result in a loss of the role.

14: Usage of staff for your own gain (power playing) is not allowed under any circumstances. (if a staff member does help you power play they will be demoted and banned, and so will you).

15:being rewritten.

16: Accusing staff Member of something they didn't do is not tolerated.

17: Respect the non-English channels
17.5: Harassing people in non-English channels for speaking other languages will be a 24 hour mute.

18: Do not claim someone to be under the age of 18.

19: Any deals you cant do using our trading system will not be backed up by admins, if it is a Robux deal where you got scammed and tell an admin you and the player you were doing this deal with will be banned.

20: Do not play ear-rape, or ear-rape anyone using your own mic in VCs.
20.5: Playing ANY kinds of ear-rape will result in 2-5 hour mute.


21: Threatening to leak anyone's personal information will result in a ban.

22: Trying out loopholes will result in a longer/harsher punishment.

23: Playing videos using the music bot/playing ear-rape/playing songs over 8 minutes will result in a mute.

24: Using any kind of auto-clicker or macro is reset-able.

25: Using FPS unlocker will result in a ban.

26: Use channels for their appropriate purpose. We don't want to see bot commands in #general or talking in #reports or similar channels.

27: When an admin is talking to you don't lie to them, even if it's the most little thing to lie about, don't. This will result in a punishment.

28: Misusing /spoiler will result in 1 hour mute.

29: Don't tell people how to bug or glitch things for their benefit.

30: Stealing in BIG raids will now result in reset, and if avoided, ban.

31: If you join a for-purpose server and don't do what the purpose of the server is then you will be punished.

32: No rule 34.

33: If you want to participate in giveaways, you must have at least 500 messages, alts are not allowed, if we catch you using an alt, we will ban you.

34: Scamming will result in discord ban and reset.

35: Using external clients to have multiple ROBLOX tabs open is considered an exploit and will not be allowed.
Using an external device such as a phone(s), other computer(s), Microsoft store ROBLOX, and the like are allowed.

Project Jojo Discord Trading

36: No Rule 63 allowed (Gender Bending).

37: Leaving the server to avoid punishments will result in a ban.

38: Participating in offsite deals or robux deals for abilities will result in a ban.

39: Making NSFW poses such as sex poses or swastikas will result in a ban.

40: Ghost-pinging Soul with result in a ban.


41: Changing your nickname to protest will result in perms being removed.

42: The use of the Hard-R will not be tolerated. Anything hinted toward the word will be enforced with a mute.

43: Having access to exploit scripts for Project JoJo is bannable.

44: Abusing custom voicelines by using bypassed, inappropriate, or loud audio will result in a permanent ban.

45: Sending memes/unrelated images in #scam-reports will result in a ban.

46: Anime or movie gore should be posted with a spoiler. Actual legitimate gore will result in a permanent ban.

47: Being in bypassed filter gangs will result in a ban if found.

48: Spam-pinging Patrol will result in a mute, and a further ban if continued.

49: Trading glitched stands is bannable.

50: Protecting or covering a duper or exploiter puts you at the same fault as them. Therefore, attempting to do this will get you banned too.

51: Admins can decide the severity of a punishment to a rule-breaker.

Project Jojo Discord Servers

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