Plumbing Invoice


The Plumbing Invoice Template is a legal document that would be used by a plumber or plumbing company to provide itemized service information to a customer who has used a plumbing company’s services. The form will provide the plumber/plumbing company’s contact information, the customer’s information as well, the form will provide itemized billing for the customer’s review and remittance of payment. The document will also provide a sheet that will allow the plumber to use for the purpose of collecting the customer’s credit/debit card information, banking information in the event the customer would like to pay by bank wire or for PayPal, an email address.

  • Plumbing Work Order Invoice Form will be printed on 8.5 x 11 carbonless multi-part paper with your company name and contact information. This plumber's invoice form was designed with enough room to list detailed descriptions of all work performed during your plumbing service call.
  • The plumbing invoice template may be used by any type of service involving water, irrigation, or sewer systems in order to bill clients and collect outstanding receivables. In most cases, the invoice is given to the client when the job is finished. Payment may be made immediately, 15 days, or 30 days depending on the circumstances.
  • Plumbing Invoice Template.

Plumbing work order. The plumbing work order is used to give the details or instructions of a plumbing job. It is also referred to as a job order or work ticket. It is an order authorizing work related to plumbing like fixing drains, pipes, bathroom leaks, and kitchen pipes. Contractors working on both residential or commercial hobs may use. What is a plumbing invoice? A plumbing invoice is a bill sent to your customers after you complete a job or visit. It’s usually one standard page that establishes what services your company provided, how much is due, and when and how your customer can pay. Legally speaking, an invoice creates an account receivable.

Step 1 – After the document is downloaded, submit the following information:


Bill From –

  • Enter the plumber’s name
  • Company name
  • Street address
  • City, State, Zip Code
  • Contact telephone number

Bill To –

  • Enter the client’s name
  • Company name (if applicable)
  • Street address
  • City, State, Zip Code
  • Contact telephone

Invoice Information –

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Enter the date payment is due

Step 2 – Itemizations – Once the job is complete, enter the following information into each field within the columns:

  • Description of services
  • Quantity of materials and hours
  • Enter the price of the service
  • Enter the total cost into the “Total” column

Step 3 – Calculations –

  • Add all of the amounts for materials and services. Once calculated, enter this total into the “Subtotal” field
  • To the subtotal amount, enter the amount due for sales tax
  • Enter any miscellaneous charges into the “Other” fields
  • Calculate all amounts in the “Subtotal,” “Sales Tax,” and “Other,” fields
  • Enter the calculated sum into the “Total” field at the end of the “Total” column
  • This will be the amount to be paid to the plumber or company, by the customer

Terms and Conditions –

Plumbing Invoice
  • Read the terms statement
  • Enter the number of days within which, payment must be made and received to avoid late fees
  • Enter a percentage of the cost of items or total bill, that will also be payable with the payment, in the event the payment is made and/or received late

Step 4 – Choose a Payment Type –

  • Select a credit or debit card
  • Enter the Card holder’s name
  • Account or Credit Card number
  • Expiration date in mm/yy format (located on the front of the card
  • CVV (three (3) digit code on the back of the card)
  • Enter the zip code connected with the billing address
  • The cardholder must read and agree to the statement
  • If in agreement, the cardholder must provide their signature
  • Date the card holder’s signature in mm/dd/yyyy format

Plumbing Invoice Forms

Plumbing invoice for repairs

Bank Wire – Should the client have permission to pay by bank wire, submit the following:

Plumbing Invoice App

  • Submit the name on the Bank Account
  • Street address
  • Bank name
  • Client’s account number
  • Client’s Routing number
  • Account type

PayPal Payments –

Plumbing Invoice Sample

  • Should the client opt to pay through their PayPal account, they must provide the email address associated with their PayPal account

Free Sample Plumbing Invoice

Once completed, the plumber may present the bill to the customer for payment or they may choose to send the customer a bill for payment.