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  • Academy Award®-winner Roberto Benigni brings one of the world's most beloved characters to the screen. The enchanting journey begins when the wooden puppet named Pinocchio comes magically to life! Then Pinocchio's ever-curious spirit opens the door to one wild adventure after another despite guidance from the beautiful Blue Fairy and the love of his father, Gepetto!
  • I am Italian and it is obsoletely ridicules watch Pinocchio in English language with Italian actors. This movie is widely available in Italy in Italian language. Amazon Prime Video has got many videos in Italian language despite those movies are not Italian. It's a little bit a waste of money.

‘Pinocchio’ is an Italian fantasy drama, helmed by Matteo Garrone as the writer and director. This movie adaptation of the 1883-published book ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’ by Carlo Collodi stars Federico Ielapi as the titular character. We also have Roberto Benigni as Mister Geppetto, Gigi Proietti as Mangiafuoco, Rocco Papaleo as The Cat, and Massimo Ceccherini as The Fox. Rounding up the lead cast are Marine Vacth as the adult Fairy with Turquoise Hair. Directed toward both kids and adults, ‘Pinocchio’ had originally premiered in December 2019 in Italy. It progressed to become a massive superhit and its US rights were bought by Roadside Attractions. The film had a theatrical release on December 25, 2020, in the United States and Canada. Let us now check out how viewers in America can watch the movie online.

What is Pinocchio About?

‘Pinocchio’ is the live-action adaptation of the beloved fairytale that has encapsulated readers for generations. It is the story of an old woodcarver named Geppetto who creates the titular wooden puppet, who magically comes to life. However, Pinocchio is adventurous and is easily led astray. In his quests, he comes across multiple fantastical beings like magical beasts and entities. He also forges friendships and enmities along the way. But his dream is to become a real boy — which can be achieved only if he mends his ways.

Is Pinocchio on Netflix?

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No. The 2020-released ‘Pinocchio’ is not on Netflix. However, another film with the same name, created as a dark musical fantasy drama, is slated to hit the streamer in 2021. You can keep a here to check when the film finally lands on the platform.

Is Pinocchio on Hulu?

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No, ‘Pinocchio’ is not on Hulu either. But here is another great recommendation. If you wish to check out a similar superhit title, you can watch ‘Peter Pan’, which is currently available on the platform. This story is a live-action drama of the beloved legend of Peter Pan.

Is Pinocchio on Amazon Prime Video?

Yes, the movie is available to stream on Amazon Prime in certain locations. However, for American viewers, the better way is to catch the movie in the nearest theater. In order to check out the nearest cinema locations and movie times, you can check out the ticket options on this link.


Where to Stream Pinocchio Online?

Luckily, you can buy or rent ‘Pinocchio’ on iTunes. Since the movie has had a recent release in America, it has not yet arrived on any other VOD platforms yet. But it should become available on Google Play in the becoming days. Until then, you can check out its 1940-released animated version on Fandango Now as well!

Where to Stream Pinocchio Online For Free?

Pinocchio Amazon Prime

Almost all the services that offer ‘Pinocchio’ come with a subscription fee or you need to rent/buy the flick. There are no free options as of now. Anyway, it is always recommended to pay for the content you consume.

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Streaming platforms are saving films and production companies, but what will happen to cinemas?

Amazon Prime has gained French SVOD rights to Matteo Garrone’s Pinocchio with Roberto Benigni, and they streaming premiere of the film will be already on May 4th.

Pinocchio Amazon Prime Distribution

Garonne adaptation of Pinocchio brings us back to the world of Carlo Collodi children book that follows mischievous puppet Pinocchio- starring Federico Ielapi – and the hardships that life brings to his carpenter father Geppeto. – starring Roberto Benigni.

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This latest adaptation of the book erases the magical bright colours and smooth bright faces away from the centre, bringing out the raw and authentic feel of Tuscany. Neutral warm colours as wheat field brown and deep blue dominate the film that combines CGI for its protagonist and mostly practical effects for the other characters. With mask and costume, designs director seeks to envoke vibes of small-town Italian theatres and street performers and as it might seem eerie at first, as the film proceeds it just magnificently grows to a viewers heart.

Pinocchio Amazon Prime

Pinocchio is the second European film gained by Amazon Prime from a French distribution company Le Pacte during the shutdown of theatres. Amazon Prime previously acquired global rights to Forte, the comedy directed by Katia Lewkowicz, which was initially scheduled to come to cinemas, just like Pinocchio, on March 18th.