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Discord servers tagged with nintendo-rp. Tags similar to nintendo-rp. Metroid (15) splatoon-rp (47) smash-bros; smash (727) splatoon (859) roleplaying (2151). The definitive way to display your Nintendo Switch games in Discord. NS-RPC (Nintendo Switch Rich Presence) is an Electron app for Windows and macOS that allows every day Switch users to display the game they're currently playing in their Discord status through a Rich Presence.

Nintendo RP Discord Server!



((Hey folks! In the past few weeks, I’ve discussed both Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog RP servers. Both of those are still going strong, but now I have one more to present to you: a Nintendo RP Discord Server!))

((Like the Mario and Sonic servers, there are plenty of IC and OOC text channels, roles for different Nintendo franchises, and more! We accept multimuses, Nintendo OCs, and certain third party franchises connected to Nintendo through Smash Bros, so if you’re interested, come and check us out here!))

((Alternatively, you can find the Super Mario RP Server here and the Sonic the Hedgehog RP Server here.))

((Note: We are only accepting Nintendo muses, Nintendo OCs, and Third Party muses connected to Nintendo through Smash Bros.))

((An update on the Nintendo server: We now have many more channels and features on the sever!))

  • Announcements channel for news on the server
  • In-character channels for Nintendo Franchises
  • A Smash Bros channel for Smash fights and other Smash-related topics
  • Crack RP channel
  • Headcanon RP channel to share headcanons about your muse
  • Multiple bots for help with RNG and other features, which you can test in the bot testing channel

((We’re always accepting more members, so check it out!))

After we got Discord on Vita thanks to coderx3 and Arkanite the 3DS Users are now also getting a Homebrew Discord app for their handheld which is called 3DiScord by cheuble. This Homebrew is heavily WIP since it’s based on an early version of Vitacord.

The current features of this are 2 Factor Authentication support and Sending as well as receiving messages in channels and DMs. That’s it for now. But just like Vitacord just give this time and the Devs will work on it to add more and more functions until it may someday work with all functions.


Nintendo Discord Bot

Since 3DS can’t run any other Apps while one app is running this won’t help you to chat when you are playing a game though. This will maybe only happen on our good old Vita 😉


But let’s go back to 3DiScord.

You can download a .3dsx homebrew menu version or a .cia version from the official github

The UI of the login screen looks great and same goes for the loading screen but just like the early versions of VitaCord, 3DiScord doesn’t tell you if your password or email is wrong.

After logging in you can now choose the Server you want to connect to or choose to go to your DMs.

After clicking on a Server choose the channel you want to join next.

Now that you’ve joined a channel you can read the last 50 Messages and also write messages.

Nintendo Discord App

These Designs already look great but thanks to User NicoAICP you can also choose if you want to use the original Grey/Black Version, his Blue Version, White Version, Green Version or Orange Version.
Blue Version:
White Version (Looks more like white/grey to me though):
White (Hasn’t been updated for use with the new Theme Engine yet)

To install these theme just install 3DiScord by cheuble. Then extract the you downloaded and copy the files to “3ds3DiScordtheme”

Nintendo Discord Server

I hope that the Dev will further improve this project until everything the 3DS can do, also works.

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