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Download Mindomo Free An easy-to-use, stand-alone mind mapping software. Mindomo has a user-friendly interface to make your mind mapping experience as pleasant as possible. New ideas cross your mind all the time. Free Download Mindomo (mind mapping) for PC using our tutorial at BrowserCam. Expert Software Applications Srl. Introduced Mindomo (mind mapping) undefined for Android mobile in addition to iOS however, you can even install Mindomo (mind mapping) on PC or laptop.

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Considering many possibilities for your project, narrowing down complicated concepts, or simply organizing ideas are all times when mind mapping surely comes in handy. Mind mapping stimulates your brain to think of many alternatives and possibilities, often in new, surprising, and creative ways.

Now, let’s take a look at the best online mind map makers that are completely accessible online. Scroll down and read through the list of top mind mapping tools with their useful features.

Best Online Mind Map Tools


All-featured Free Online Mind Mapping Solution

GitMind is a free online mind map app designed to help users capture, generate, and present ideas effectively. It is lightweight and completely online, which helps you save computer memory and time from software installation. Additionally, it offers a library of templates to quickly start new projects. Also, you can use this software to invite collaborators. So in case you want to work on different brainstorming methods to extract the creative juices, this tool is a great option. Here’s a brief guide to get you started with this online mind map maker.

Mindomo free download
  • Open any browser and go to GitMind’s official page. Then head over to the templates center and pick one for your topic.
  • Next, fill out the branches and customize it according to your preferences.
  • Finally, save the project by clicking the “Export” button or share it directly with your colleagues.


Free and Flexible Online Mind Mapping Software

  • Insert rich content (videos, images, audio).
  • Presentation mode.
  • Not a diverse set of styles.

Mindomo has all the essential tools you need for creating a mind map and offers some unique features. It lets you insert multimedia files on your mind map as well as notes. Its highlight though, is its interactive presentation mode. With it, you will be able to visually present your mind map in a professional manner.


Functional, Colorful and Professional Mind Map App

  • Real-time collaboration.
  • Google Drive integration.
  • Does not support auto-arrange function.

Another great program that you can use online is Coggle. This online mind map tool comes with cool options for you to create professional, colorful and organic mind maps. Moreover, it offers a real-time collaboration feature and users can insert images to effectively express ideas. On top of that, storing projects is seamless via the incorporation of Google Drive.


Highly-configurable, powerful and cool features

  • Loads of communication tools.
  • Work together on the same diagram.
  • Limited features on mobile version.

Miro is a professional mind map maker to get your ideas and projects organized into visual boards. This app is intended for organizations and businesses that want to collaborate fluidly. It is built in a way that you and your team can work together to generate ideas and track the progress of the project you are working on. It has built-in comments, mentions, and chat support to help you communicate with teammates without having to switch to other apps.


Browser-based, Lightweight, and Good Brainstorming Solution

  • File attachment function.
  • Drag and drop user interface.
  • No variety of tools.

If you are looking for a basic online mind map tool to create mind maps or flowcharts, you should give Bubbl.us a try. This app makes it easier to organize your diagram the way you like it using its drag and drop interface. Moreover, it handles links, images, and files, which is handy for inserting additional information.


Mindomo desktop

Create and Publish Your Idea Online in Hassle-free Way

  • Expand and collapse function.
  • Keyboard shortcuts support.
  • Lack of function for arranging object with custom lines.

Mindomo Free Download

MindMup is another good app to create your mind maps online. It comes with core capabilities and supports keyboard shortcuts to compare your works side by side. Aside from that, this tool also has collapse and expand functions which are perfect for when you’re trying to create very large web diagrams or mind maps.



Interactive and Variety of Features for Creative Thinking

  • Auto-hide feature.
  • Schedule personal tasks with My Planner.
  • Branches can’t be moved around.

Ayoa does everything from making mind maps, organizing tasks, planning projects and a lot more. This online mind map maker has an instant branch creation that allows you to insert your ideas instantly. When the mind map gets too large to handle, use its auto-hide function to hide the clutter and focus on the important parts. Also, it gives you space with ‘My Planner’ for your personal tasks, allowing you to prioritize tasks based on the due date.


Cloud-based, Collaborative Mind Mapping Tool

Mindomo Free
  • Multi-user editing feature.
  • In-built templates.
  • Free version only provides a 14-day trial.

Cacoo is a cloud-based online mind map software made for teams and organizations. Its multi-user workspace makes everything simple. It enables each user to simultaneously edit and send feedback via direct comments. In addition, any remote collaborator can save multiple versions of the mind maps to track the revision history. Start quickly with ready-made templates or build mind maps from scratch.

Is Mindomo Free


All the programs mentioned above are accessible online and you can try using them right away. However, not all of them offer premium features for free. Thus, if you are looking for a basic platform offering great features for no cost, you will definitely end up using GitMind.

Is Mindomo Free

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