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Quickly merge / combine worksheets / workbooks or csv files into one workbook in Excel

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When it comes to merge or combine multiple worksheets / workbooks or csv files into one workbook, most of us will think about copying and pasting the worksheets into one workbook. But if there are lots of worksheets need to be merged by such way, it will waste much time.Kutools for Excel augments Excel this powerful feature – Combine. With this utility you can easily:

Merge / combine multiple worksheets or workbooks into one workbook

EXMERG is online productivity tool for merging data from multiple worksheets or CSV files using Drag&Drop. You can combine tables into single master table or merge data by custom rules, all managed by simple and easy to use user interface. “It worked perfectly! Seems like magic that one can do this on the web so easily!”. Aspose Excel merger is a free web app to combine multiple Excel files: combine to PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB, ODS, CSV, TSV, HTML, JPG, BMP, PNG, SVG, TIFF, XPS, MHTML and Markdown. Merge Excel online from Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOs, and anywhere. Do you want to do the following in Excel?Merge excel sheets into oneCombine multiple excel sheets into one excel sheetCombine data from multiple worksheets. Mar 04, 2021 Start the Copy Sheets Wizard. On the Excel ribbon, go to the Ablebits tab, Merge group, click Copy Sheets, and choose one of the following options: Copy sheets in each workbook to one sheet and put the resulting sheets to one workbook. Merge the identically named sheets to one. Combine Multiple Worksheets to Single Worksheet. Combine WorkSheet online, free. Merge multiple excel sheets into one new sheet.

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Click Kutools Plus >> Combine. See screenshots:

Merge / combine multiple worksheets or workbooks into one workbook

Supposing you have Workbook A, Workbook B and Workbook C, and you want to merge or combine all worksheets of those workbooks into one workbook. You can get it done as follows:

1. Please apply the Combine Worksheets utility by clicking Kutools Plus > Combine. Click OK in the following popping up Kutools for Excel dialog.

2. In the Combine Worksheets wizard, please select Combine multiple worksheets from workbooks into one workbook option, and then click Next button. See screenshot:

3. All the opened workbooks and corresponding worksheets are listed in the Workbook list and Worksheet list boxes, you can click Add > Files… or Folder… button to add the workbooks that you want to merge. See screenshot:


A. Add workbooks to merge

Merge 2 Excel Sheets Together

Click Files… under Add button, you can add one workbook or multiple workbooks into Workbook list. If you click Folder… and specify a folder, all workbooks in the specified folder are added into Workbook list at once.
If you click Folder…, it will automatically add all workbooks in a specific folder into Workbook list to merge.
If you click OneDrive Files or OneDrive Folder, it will automatically add one or multiple OneDrive files from one folder or different folders as you need.

B. Remove workbooks from the Workbook list box

You can click the button to remove a workbook from the Workbook list box.

Click the Remove all button can remove all workbooks from the Workbook list box at once.

C. Open workbooks which has been encrypted with password:

If you want to combine the workbooks which has been encrypted with passwords, please click the Password button.

In the Password Manager window, click the Add button, enter the workbook password into the Password textbox, fill in the label and click the OK button. Repeat the operation until all workbooks’ passwords are added to the manager, and then click the OK button to close the window. See screenshot:

D. Save or access one scenario of your operation:

If you want to save the settings of Step 2 in Combine Worksheets for future operations, click Scenario > Save… button, and then name the scenario in the popping up dialog. By doing so, you don’t need to add workbooks or specify the worksheets again and again in the future, you just need to click the Open button to choose the scenario item you have saved.
Besides, you can click the Manage button to get into the Manage Scenario window to manage the saved scenarios as you need.

E: Sort all listed workbooks and worksheets in the dialog:


From the Sort drop down lists, you can sort the listed workbooks or worksheets as your need.

F. What’s the Same sheet button? At the bottom of the Worksheet list, there is a Same sheet button. With this button, you can easily select all worksheets with same worksheet name across all the checked workbooks in the Workbook list. For example, there are 3 workbooks that have been checked in the Workbook list, if you click on the Sheet3 as shown in the below screenshot, it will immediately select all worksheets with same worksheet name across the 3 checked workbooks after clicking Same sheet button. See screenshots:

Every Sheet3 in each checked workbook has been checked

Merge multiple excel sheets into one sheet online, free word

4. After adding and specifying the workbooks and worksheets you want to combine or merge, please click the Next button. In the Step 3, please configure following options:

1. To merge blank / empty worksheets or not:

If your workbooks contain blank or empty worksheets, you can keep or skip the blank worksheets.

2. Insert worksheet information:

If you check this option, the workbook information will be inserted at first row of each worksheets as comment in the combined workbook.

Merge Multiple Excel Sheets Into One Sheet online, free Template

3. Rename worksheet names after merging:

If you want to insert or add the original workbook name into the worksheet names after merging, please check By inserting workbook name option and specify the location where you want to insert the workbook name. You can insert it before or after the original worksheet name. At the same time, you can specify a separator between the workbook name and worksheet name.

If you don't want to insert or add the workbook name into worksheet names, please uncheck By inserting workbook name option.

5. Click Finish button to merge the worksheets, after combining the sheets, a Specify the file name and location for the combined workbook window is popped out, you can specify a file name and location for your combined file, and then click the Save button. See screenshot:

Note: If you haven't saved the workbook and worksheet settings as scenario, a Kutools for Excel window will pop up to remind you to save the scenario. If you decide to save it, click the Yes button and name it in the next Save Scenario dialog. Otherwise, click the No button. See screenshot:

A new workbook is created and status of the combined workbooks are listed inside. You can click the Output file link to open the combined workbook directly.

Then multiple worksheets or workbooks have been combined into a new workbook. In the new workbook, there will be a worksheet which names Kutools for Excel, and it contains detailed information about the new workbook as shown in the below screenshot.

Note: If you think the Combine feature is useful, you can click button to share it to your friends.

Do you want to know how to merge or combine all same name worksheets from different workbooks into one worksheet? Please refer to Quickly merge / combine all worksheets of same name across workbooks into one worksheet.

Demo: Quickly merge / combine worksheets / workbooks or csv files into one workbook in Excel

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Kutools for Excel

The functionality described above is just one of 300 powerful functions of Kutools for Excel.

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