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There are several ways to merge cells in excel, using formula or using no formula, losing data or losing no data. Which solution is right for you, please read the article below. Solution #1, Using Ribbon Menu. The Merge Cells menu is in the “Home” tab and “Alignment” group. There are several options to choose from.


If you merge multiple columns of data in Excel (no matter which Excel version you are using), only the left column of data will be kept, and the data of other columns will be deleted, if you apply the 'Merge and Center' command from Home tab on the Alignment panel. This tutorial is talking about how to merge or combine different columns of data into one column.

6 Steps total


Step 1: formula

Supposing you have columns of data and you need to combine the data into one column, you can deal with it with some formulas:

Step 2: Merge columns of data

Merge columns of data without spaces between the data: =A1&B1&C1&…

Step 3: Merge columns of data with spaces

All the merge options can only merge the cells, but not the text present within these cells. For Example, In the below-mentioned example, Suppose If I try to merge the texts of cells A2 & B2, A popup appears asking you “merging cells only keeps the upper-left value and discards other values” it means it will keep the text from the leftmost cell (A2 in this case) and remove the text from. Just make use of the third party merge cells add-in for Excel. And with the merge cells add-in you can merge data from many cells by using any separator you like (for example carriage return or line break). With this, you can join row by row, column by column, or merge data from the selected cell into one without any loss.

Merge columns of data with spaces between the data: =A1&' '&B1&' '&C1&…

Step 4: copy and paste

In cell A1, enter the formula “=A1&B1&C1” or “=A1&' '&B1&' '&C1”.


Step 5: press Enter key

Then press Enter key and select the cell A1, drag the fill handle over the range of cells that you want to apply this formula.

Step 6: columns of data

Merge cells without losing data excel

Now the columns of data have been merged into one column. As they are formulas, you need to copy and paste them as values when you want to paste them to other places.

Can't Merge Cells In Excel

Published: Oct 28, 2014 · Last Updated: Feb 02, 2016


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How To Merge Cells Without Losing Data Excel