Maximilianmus Discord

Maximilianmus Discord

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We all know that Twitch Community had a mixture of good and bad experiences. There are streamers who fought their stand and tried to do good on the online platform trying to build a safe place for everyone yet there are unavoidable situations like the controversy of WEEST being bullied by MaximilianMus.

It was seen in the Reddit Threat that MaximilianMus made a guy eat poop on his discord server. This is an unacceptable interaction and there are a lot of followers reporting this issue. MaximilianMus was repeatedly banned on Discord and Youtube yet he and his followers got a chance to have a loophole by creating a new private discord server so that no one can trace them. An additional situation is when he also targets another streamer like BluesDank, Alinity, etc. There are ongoing toxic trollers and abusers who are regularly targeting them, hurting them, and trying to lose their reputation. This is done usually when they are offended by the streamer’s opinions or views.

WEEST explained in his video that MaximilianMus and his community of toxic fans bullied him all over again. He recently opened up in his video that MaximilianMus pushed his followers to humiliate and harass WEEST on his very own stream. He explained on his Twitter about the whole controversy. He exposed that all of this is true and MaximilianMus with his fans are doing this so that WEEST will be banned from the platform. WEEST explained that he will lose his main source of income and his reputation if he will be banned. Upon hearing these controversies, MaximilianMus was condemned by thousands of people. WEEST received sympathy from the audience after this exposure by having 20,000 likes on his post.

Maximilianmus Discord 2021

Controversial Yotuber MaximilianMus deleted his youtube channel entirely. Youtuber MaximilianMus is a Swedish former YouTuber who created gaming-related content. His channel consisted of trolling videos where he provokes and annoys other people through the voice chat. He trolls on specific shooter video games like Fortnite, Valorant, and Overwatch. He has been controversial throughout his Youtube streaming career as he has been accused of bullying others on several occasions.

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Back in 2019, Jacob West aka Weest revealed that MaximilianMus urged his followers to bully, harass and humiliate him on stream. Now on February 20th, Charles White Jr. aka Cr1TiKaL or moistcr1tikal uploaded a youtube video in which he called youtuber MaximilianMus the worst youtuber. He attacks MaximilianMus referring to him as a “parasite that thrives off of attention and controversy.” Cr1TiKaL also showed some screenshots of Max saying controversial things in Discord, including accusing others of pedophilia to his legion of fans.

Max managed to build up over 1.5 million subscribers on the platform but now, if you head to his Youtube channel, it appears that his channel is non-existent on the platform as you simply find an empty channel that says it does not exist. Max has not yet come out to explain his side of the story or what really happened to his channel but it seems like he has simply deleted his account.