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Manycam chrome

Go to whatever application or website you are using and choose ManyCam as your video and audio source to use it there. When ManyCam is your video source you can use your webcam with multiple applications and websites simultaneously.

Manycam Chrome

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If any of you are having trouble with ManyCam and you are using Chrome this might explain it. In my experience, ManyCam is being recognized by the SS wizard as an option to choose for your cam and ManyCam will turn on, but will not broadcast in the SS player.

Because flash player is already built in to Chrome, whenever Chrome updates so does the flash player and we have had multiple issues in SS because of it over many months. If there is a problem with flash while using Firefox or IE, it's advised to go to an older version of flash. It's not impossible to do that with Chrome, but it's very difficult. So in order to record with ManyCam I find that I will have to do that in either IE or Firefox.

This sucks because I really like to use Chrome as my browser. I might still use Chrome for everything except recording. Hopefully, we can keep trying to record every so often in Chrome and if it eventually works, then we know Adobe found a fix for the problem.

How To Add Manycam To Chrome

I just thought I'd post this in case anyone else was having trouble. I messed around with uninstalling and reinstalling ManyCam several times. ManyCam is not the problem.


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yep I had to swtich to Firefox myself... it would seem every time there is an update there is a new conflict.

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Can t wait for the old days to be back

i change mine to no cam works with any browser

How to add manycam to chrome

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Manycam Chrome Not Working

Manycam Chrome

I just happen to be testing Adobe® Flash Player® Beta 11.7.700.141, as Release 11.6.602.* has already shown itself buggy; Adobe® supports both Microsoft® Internet Explorer™ (Versions 7-up) with 32- and 64-bit ActiveX's, plus Mozilla® Firefox®, Apple® Safari™, &c., with a Netscape®-compatible plug-in.

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I was told by Chris in recording support a good while ago that when adobe went to some pepperflash something or another, it was having problems.At the time, I was having other issues with it and found that there were two versions of adobe on my system. I disabled the pepperflash one and my issues were resolved.

Recently, I've been pricing tablets. Annie told me to make sure I get one that supports adobe flash player because many of the mobile devices are not supporting it anymore. There was only one I saw online that specifically said that it supported Adobe. It said it was 11.1 I looked to see which version I have. I found out that BOTH the versions on my system were enabled again! I'm assuming that both those versions were enabled because Chrome has the Flash player already in it and it updates along with Chrome automatically.

Just out of curiosity, I disabled the pepperflash 11.7 and left the other enabled. Well, guess what? ManyCam now works in Chrome. So there again, as Bodaciousahas said up there, the updates of Chrome cause problems with other programs because of Adobe Flash Player bugs. I just can't figure why the same bugs aren't in the other browsers.

Soooo, I guess I'm saying if anyone can't get ManyCam to work in Chrome, check your plug-ins and see if you have more than one version of Flash Player and if you do, maybe try disabling the one with Pepperflash in the title. See if that starts ManyCam working again. You check plug-ins by typing chrome://plugins into your Chrome browser. You'll see all the plug-ins you have and which are disabled and enabled.