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Using ManyCam with Zoom is as easy as using it with any other software. Since ManyCam allows its users to connect ManyCam to multiple platforms, it is no surprise that its popularity is witnessing a rising trend.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a cloud-based, video conferencing service that makes it as real as the participants meeting in person. This virtual meetup takes place through video conferencing, online meetings, mobile and chat collaboration. Not only that, but Zoom also allows the user to share, record and collaborate on projects as well. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and Windows.

ManyCam is the go-to software to enhance your live video on streaming platform, video conferencing app and distant classes. Add multiple cameras and video sources, such as mobile and PowerPoint, use virtual backgrounds, create layers and presets, screencast desktop, and more. Like any virtual webcams, ManyCam creates a virtual copy of your camera so that you can use this copy as your video source inside different video calling apps.

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Can I Use ManyCam With Zoom?

Yes, you can easily set up ManyCam to be used with Zoom. Download and install Manycam and simply follow the steps mentioned below to do so:

Step 1: Log-In

The first step requires logging-in and launching both ManyCam and Zoom. You will need to enter your credentials for these services.

Step 2: Audio & Video Setup (Zoom)

The second step is the most important one as it entails setting up the audio and video. Head over to the audio & video settings in Zoom and make sure that your microphone and headphone are connected. You might want to test the audio and video settings as well.

Step 3: Setting a Preset

If you need to share content with the rest of the participants in a meeting or an online class, you will need to set up a Preset in ManyCam. Preset allows the user to share their desktop screen and arrange the layout of ManyCam’s main interface for live video conferencing or online classes. Setting-Up a Preset requires navigating to the Preset section on the top-right corner and choosing one of the Preset options. Next, you will have to select Desktop and All displays for the application to show the content or the app running on your desktop.

Step 4: Select New Meeting

Once both ManyCam and Zoom have been launched, tap the New Meeting option in Zoom to create a new session. The new session will allow you to add and manage participants in addition to chat and even record live video sessions.

Step 5: Select ManyCam Virtual Webcam

Zoom allows the user to add a new camera before a session starts instead of configuring it during a live session. Simply click Select a Camera and choose ManyCam Virtual Webcam.

Step 6: Share the Desktop Screen

Now that you have selected the camera and are using ManyCam to carry out live conferences with Zoom, you can additionally select one of your presets to be displayed as well. Move your cursor to the preset you want to be displayed and selectTrans.

Price Comparison


For Individuals



  • $29/Year or $69 Lifetime


  • $59/Year or $119 Lifetime


  • $79/Year or $149 Lifetime

Manycam Audio Sync

For Businesses

Enterprise 3

  • $119/Year or $298 Lifetime

Enterprise 5

  • $189/Year or $475 Lifetime

Enterprise 10

  • $279/Year or $798 Lifetime



  • Free


  • $14.99/mo/host


  • $19.99/mo/host (Starts at 10 hosts for $199.90/mo)


  • $19.99/mo/host (Starts at 100 hosts for $1,999/mo)

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PriceFree to try
Release DateMarch 21, 2016
Operating SystemsOS X 10.9, OS X 10.10, OS X 10.11

Visicom Media

Publisher's Description

ManyCam free webcam effects software turns your webcam and PC into a live video studio. Use your webcam with multiple apps simultaneously. Broadcast your desktop or draw over your video window. ManyCam also allows creates awesome audio sound effects.

Add amazing webcam effects & graphics to your videos and photos.

Awesome webcam filters make you look even better on cam. Add crazy masks or facial effects using our facial recognition technology. Give yourself a new webcam background so it appears you're on a studio set or make it look you're on fire or like it's snowing in your house! ManyCam has a massive library with thousands of effects.

Use your webcam with many applications simultaneously.

Use Skype, MSN, Ustream, and many other webcam and audio applications at the same time. You can also do the same with our virtual audio sound driver.

Add amazing microphone audio effects to your broadcast.

Use our voice changer technology to disguise your voice for a screencast voice over, make people laugh, or use it to trick your friends and family. ManyCam is also able to make your microphone & headset audio quality sound better than most normal audio drivers.

Draw over your video window.

Use our built in image editing software to draw over or add text to your live video broadcast. Draw over your video while in Skype, Youtube, or any other video software. Just add ManyCam as your video source for any app!

Screencast your desktop.

Record your desktop and save the video to your hard drive. You can also screencast live to live video chat services like Ustream, Skype, and more. Use ManyCam as your video source on Youtube to record a video of your desktop.

Picture in Picture

Broadcast 'pnp' or picture in picture video with ManyCam. Screencast your desktop while showing yourself in a smaller video window within that window. Picture in picture is useful for video demonstrations on webcam and live shows. Turn your computer into live news studio with ManyCam's pnp feature.

Switch between different video sources.

Go to the ManyCam Studio Pro tab to quickly switch between video sources. ManyCam Studio Pro allows up to 6 video sources and the ability to cut or slowly transition between different sources. Use the ManyCam pull-down menu in the source window to add another camera, still image, photo snapshot, a pre-recorded video, and even a desktop screencast as your video source. Turn your computer into a Pro live video production studio with ManyCam.

Create your own custom webcam effects.

Create your own custom objects, face accessories, backgrounds and other graphics to use on ManyCam with our Effect Creation feature.

With our new easy to use effect creating platform, you can make your own objects, face accessories, backgrounds and other graphics to use on ManyCam. You can also publish your custom effects to our library or download them straight to your computer. Get creative and have fun!

Lower Thirds

Make your video productions more professional with our new Lower Thirds feature. Use this feature to add your name to your video screen, highlight news, or even identify your location.

Game Capture

Capture and record your gameplay with the new Game Video Source. Live stream or record and post your videos later. Record with games like Minecraft, Call of Duty, Far Cry 3, StarCraft and more!

YouTube Integration

Stream and broadcast videos found on YouTube easily and quickly with the new YouTube video source! Moreover, you can directly upload your recorded videos to YouTube from ManyCam with the YouTube Uploader feature. Full feature available for free for a limited time only.

Mobile Source

Use your mobile phone as a video source in ManyCam with the new ManyCam Mobile Source for Android! Record live videos on the go, away from your computer and stream directly to ManyCam using your phone. Instructions are available on help page. Full feature available for free for a limited time only.

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