Malwarebytes Hacker Protection Software

One of the many dictionary definitions of hacking is thatit’s a way of remotely taking over your PC or laptop. An attacker that hacksinto your machine can not only steal your files and information, it can alsocrash its operation.

No points for guessing just how much of a threat thesehackers pose for all Internet users.

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At the same time, no antivirus can make your computercompletely hackproof — watertight as some of these solutions may be. For anextra layer of protection, you might want to deploy some additionalanti-hacking software that is compatible with your existing security programs.

We take a look at 10 of the best anti-hacking software youcan use on Windows 10 that will make it harder for hackers and intruders totarget your PC.

Let’s hack in!

The definition of Hacking

Before we get down to the list of programs, it’s worthdefining what we actually mean by hacking, in this particular instance. In thesimplest of terms, hacking is the process of taking control of your systemeither by suspicious or malicious means.

Hackers these days have employed different ways to gainaccess to your file sand steal your data. Once in, these cybercriminals can spyon all your activity in real-time, as well as hijack valuable computerresources like processing power, memory and hard drive space. They can even damageor encrypt sensitive information and personal files using ransomware cryptolocker ransomware. Most hack attempts also install backdoors in order to get accessto your PC.

If all this sounds familiar and scary, then there is a solidbet that you have installed some form of protection on your devices. These canbe in the shape of good old WindowsDefender, third-party antivirus programs from companies like McAfee and Kaspersky, or even antimalwareapplications MalwarebytesAnti-Malware and MalwareFox.

Having a reputable antivirus solution is the first line ofdefense against hackers, and go a long way in ensuring that your computerremains as far as possible from scenarios that may lead to hacks and hackattempts from malicious actors.

But this is not true in every case.

Malwarebytes Hacker Protection Software

For modern and advanced hackers work with newer form ofmalware that ether disables or eludes security solutions very easily. Anotherlayer of protection, either manual or automatic, in the form of anti-hackingsoftware may just be what the doctor ordered.

Is there such a thing as an anti-hacking software?

The first question from the public is that is there actuallyanti-hacking software? One that specifically prevents hack attempts and warnsyou whenever someone is found snooping around your computer? It’s a complicatedanswer, for advanced hardware and enterprise solutions do exist that help withthis.

However, for most users, there is no such thing asanti-hacking software. At least, not a dedicated one that actively monitorssuspicious and malicious activities on your system.

What we have are programs that have these capabilities builtinto them. These are designed to help protect your computer from hackers anddetect malicious code on your system like malware and spyware that makes yourdevice vulnerable to cyberattacks and hacking attempts. In other words, theseprograms keep your system safe from hackers, and so can be loosely labeled asanti-hacking software.

No there is no software that can make your computerthreat-proof, no program that can detect and remove all kind of maliciousthreats. The next best solution is to use a combination of software thatcomplement one another.

Anti-hacking software, as you will discover below, areprograms that are not only compatible with whatever antivirus or securitysolution that you may be using, they are come with unique features that coveryour system with an additional layer of protection and give you a little extrapiece of mind.

Types of Anti-Hacking software

Just like regular security solutions, there is a small arrayof anti-hacking software available on the market. Programs that offer featuresand options to keep an eye out for suspicious and mistrustful activities onyour computer.

These activities can range from dubious programs phoninghome, to applications deploying malicious code on your PC or laptop that ishard to remove.

Some of these apps provide real-time protection againstmalicious activities, and are a great way to stop malware in its track. Thisbasically means that these programs scan all incoming traffic from varioussources to ensure that whatever data that is transferred on your network issafe.

Others are simpler, and focused on specific tasks, or betterat certain types of protection and detection. Others still are meant for theenterprise.

That being said, you need to be careful when downloadingprograms that claim to offer security for your system. For some are actuallyspyware, designed to hack and steal your data. These applications can actuallydrop the guard of your system, leaving your seriously vulnerable.

Moral of the story is that you should only always usesecurity solutions from reliable providers. That is to say, developers with aproven track record.

Best Anti-Hacking software

We have examined a range of different brands that promise tooffer the best anti-hacking capabilities on the market. These applications helpyou detect suspicious files and codes that may be residing on your system, andcontributing to hacking attempts and other vicious cyberattacks.

Many of these solutions are free, or come with freefeatures. Other require you to pay for advanced or real-time protection orfirewall fortification. In any case, it is very much worth it that you try outa few of these programs before settling on the ones that you feel provide thebest defense.

More so, because not all the applications listed below arefocused on finding and removing malicious software. There are some handy toolsand utilities in this list as well that can aid you in protecting all yourdevices, all your systems, and all your networks from hacking attempts.

All that said, let’s finally get down to the list.

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

With cyberattacks increasing in sophistication, Microsofthad little choice but to step up its game when it came to the baseline securityapparatus in its operating system. With Windows Defender Advanced ThreatProtection, Microsoft has finally made it into the big league.

What makes this one special is that Windows DefenderAdvanced Threat Protection has all the features you need to detect,investigate, and respond to advanced attacks on your system. Being built onexisting Windows 10 security defenses means that it provides a betterpost-breach layer of protection.

Currently available for Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10Enterprise for Education, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Pro Education, thissolution is expected to be made available for all Windows 10 users in the nearfuture. Insiders are currently hard at work testing its capabilities out.

Now, admittedly, this is not something that everyone will pick up and play with. But in time these capabilities will be simplified so that end users are not only protected but can better manage their protection as well. As things stand, this is about as good as it gets for professionals and pros.

  • Powerful, advanced protection
  • Unmatched feature set
  • Native integration with Windows 10
Rating: ★★★★★Developer: Microsoft


If its malware that’s bugging you, then just callMalwareFox. This lightweight yet powerful antimalware program comes with asimple and clean user interface. And it is particularly potent against adware,ransomware and 0-day exploits.

You get real-time protection against different malwareattacks. This makes it an efficient solution to detect if your system istargeted by malicious attacks and hacking attempts, and whether they weresuccessful in infecting your PC or not.

MalwareFox gets rid of adware, spyware, browser hijacks, and other forms of malware that can wreak havoc on your computer. Aggressive detection capabilities combine with the effective removal of threats to help you get rid of even the toughest of threats.

Furthermore, the program smoothly cleans up your browser forremains that could identify you and your system in front of hackers. Add theability to repair files damaged by rootkits and you have a program that goesbeyond antivirus software in catching threats and keeping you safe.

  • Lightweight software
  • Excellent detection capabilities
  • Clean UI
  • Misses out on some additional features
  • Scanning a little slow
Rating: ★★★★★Developer: MalwareFox

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

The folks over at Malwarebytes make some exception software,and Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit is right up there at the top of the mountain.This is an application specifically designed to be a small, specialized shieldto protect you and your system against dangerous malware and threatening hackattempts.

How it works is simple. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit wrapsthree layers of security around popular browsers and apps that you haveinstalled on your computer. This prevents bad actors from exploiting flaws andvulnerabilities in these programs by running malicious code.

You get support for pretty much all the popular solutions,from Firefox, Chrome and Opera to Java, and Microsoft Word, Excel, andPowerPoint. Popular PDF readers like Adobe Acrobat and Foxit are also shielded,as are media players like VLC and Winamp. Same goes for your browser addons.

A neat and clean UI lets you manage things easily, start andstop protection. While you also get the ability to add custom shields for theprograms you have got installed. This may not be a wholesome suite to preventhacking, but can be a key weapon in your armory to defend against these threats.

  • Unique feature set to safeguard against hacking
  • Blocks common exploit kits
  • Doesn’t use a signature database
  • Advanced customization options
Rating: ★★★★★Developer: MalwareBytes

Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit

If you plan on getting serious against hacking attempts onyour system, then the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) is very muchworth a look. It can really help you raise the bar against attackers that maybe trying to gain access to your computer.

Microsoft has made this tool available for free, and you can use it to secure every file on your computer by tuning things up. The program is also compatible with the most commonly used third-party applications meant for home and enterprise use.

In many ways a gold standard, EMET works by anticipating themost common techniques that adversaries might be using to compromise a system.It then helps keep you on the safe side by diverting, terminating, blocking andinvalidating those actions.

This allows you to not only protect against regular hackattempts, but also safeguards your computer systems before new and undiscoveredthreats are addressed by security updates and antivirus apps. You can go as faras to say that this is one of the closest you will get to a dedicatedanti-hacking solution.

  • Provides special protection against software vulnerabilities
  • Familiar user interface
Rating: ★★★★☆Developer: Microsoft

Adaware Antivirus

Think of Adaware Antivirus as an antivirus, but with aselection of some advance features that help fortify your system againsthacking attempts. The tool is powerful enough to remove malware and adware, butit goes way beyond this.

Adaware was developed exclusively as a program to protect against intrusive ads and web trackers. It has been at it since 1999. But though the application has seen ups and downs, the newest version is capable enough to tackle the modern form of viruses, spyware, and ransomware.

The free version offers real-time protection to ensure thatyou are always protected against the most recent threats. And with downloadprotection built-in, you get the ability to scan all downloads before they havea chance to act funny and damage your PC.

It is also one of the better-designed security solutions, with a clean and crisp UI. Adaware is also very quiet and extremely lightweight. It doesn’t slow down your computer or consume unnecessary resources.

  • Powerful protection against threats
  • Scans downloads
  • Excellent UI
Rating: ★★★★☆Developer: Lavasoft

Spybot Search & Destroy

A longstanding suite of security tools, Spybot Search &Destroy has been at it for decades. As a result, you get a whole array offeatures and capabilities that can be put to good use to protect against hacks.Better yet, you also get a free edition of this powerful program to getstarted.

The party starts with spyware, and you can use thisapplication to find and remove all manner of adware, tracking software, andkeyloggers that may have found a house on your system. You also get some reallysolid immunization capabilities that can help block many a common threat.

You also get a rootkit scanner that can scan for malwarethat hides itself and its actions from you and system processes. And a handystartup tool included with Spybot Search & Destroy lets you manage whatgets loaded when you turn on your PC.

Of course, the free version of Spybot Search & Destroy misses out on other premium features that are part of the paid editions. But on the flip side, it is possible to run this app alongside Windows Defender by disabling its live protection and then turning off Windows Defender occasionally to manually scan.

  • Cleans infected apps without destroying them
  • Plays nicely with Windows Defender
  • Good customization options
  • Immunization
Rating: ★★★★☆Developer: Safer-Networking


Weirdly named, SUPERAntiSpyware is another capable solutionthat offers a selection of anti-hacking capabilities. Better yet, its freeversion is also a solid shout, save for the fact that you will have to domanual scans and will not get real-time protection from active threats.

But in terms of features, you get all you need to scan forand remove adware, trojans, worms, keyloggers, and hijackers that have infestedyour system. The program does a good job of finding out hidden malware andspyware that may be residing on your PC.

You also get a separate section of system tools here thatcan be used to explore and repair your system. These include the ability to fixregistry repair caused by malware, delete capabilities to remove difficult toremove files and folders, and quarantine to manage detected infections.

Getting back to the free version, you also miss out onautomatic updates, and will have to manually check for and install the definitions.But if you suspect hacking attempts that are targeted via spyware, then SUPERAntiSpywareremains a great choice to tackling these threats head on.

  • Compliments your existing antivirus
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Free version lacks real-time protection
  • Manual updates in free version
Rating: ★★★★☆Developer: SUPERAntiSpyware

Trojan Remover

Trojans, as their name gives away, can be extremely sneaky. And these are what hackers often use to gain access to your system. What makes things even more worrisome is that removal of these complex threats is not at all easy — it requires a system-level operation to remove backdoors and rootkits.

This is why Trojan Remover is an ideal solution to get ridof any malware and trojans you might pick up on your system. This user-friendlyapplication is very much at ease with finding and dealing with an extensivearray of such advanced threats.

Key features of this program include the detection ofelusive trojan, malware, and other potentially unwanted programs in runningprocesses. A simple and straightforward cleanup process helps you get rid ofthese threats on your system and keep your PC clean and your data secure.

In terms of power, this tool is a fair bit more capable ofdetecting advanced rootkit techniques than standard antivirus tools. Downloadthe application for yourself and take it for a test run to see how it detectsmalicious code on your device that you may be suspicious is causing trouble.

  • Powerful trojan removal
  • Runs on almost all versions of Windows
  • Familiar UI
Rating: ★★★★☆Developer: Simply Super Software


Keylogging is an old technique employed by hackers to catchall your keystrokes and then use them to figure out your usernames andpasswords, credit card details and more. Cybercriminals basically have an easyway into your system and your connected life.

Ghostpress is a lightweight and reliable utility that iswell worth having installed on your system if you use it to handle sensitiveinformation. Say on your home PC where you do your banking transactions or yourwork laptop that goes with you wherever you go.

This is basically an anti-keylogger that hides keyboard activity. The program not only hides all your keypresses and keyboard strokes that you enter, it also comes with a few neat features like process protection and the ability to prevent hook overwriting.

In short, this is one of the best ways to prevent keyloggers and malicious software from gathering your sensitive information, which is one of their primary approaches that lead to the complete hacking of your system. The application itself is very easy to use, unobtrusive and fully portable.

  • Solid protection against keyloggers
  • Lightweight and reliable
  • Fully portable
  • Tidy, minimalistic UI
Rating: ★★★★☆Developer: Schiffer Tech


It may not seem like much, at least from its user interface, but Anti-Hacker is a solid way to make your computer hacker-proof in just a few mouse clicks. And this it does by bringing a range of useful features to the table that few other programs offer. It’s also a freeware to boot!

For starters, you can use it to disable vulnerabilities inlower accounts that allows them to run programs in administrator modes. It alsoturns your User Account Control on its highest settings, while a startupscanner and the firewall scanner module get you up to speed with any leaks.

An anti-keylogger is also built into the latest version ofthis program, and it comes equipped with a virtual keyboard that preventscybercriminals from logging your sensitive information. And if you are worriedabout privacy threats, then simply scan for them from their own tab, and applythe fixes.

Overall, this is a great security tool that is highly recommended for experienced users and those that have the security of their computing experiences paramount. Its simpler UI is a bit of a letdown, though, as it makes this an application that needs to be handled with care.

  • Strong feature set
  • Custom designed features to protect against hacking
  • Checks for existing security issues in Windows
Rating: ★★★★★Developer: Blackbox Hacker


Hacking is a constant threat for all Internet users, everysystem that is connected to the web or a network. This is a menace that canhave dire consequences for organizations, and significant headaches for homeusers.

Worse yet, even with advanced security measures in place,hacking remains as threatening as ever, as the various news stories illustrate.Your only real defense against hacking attempts is to fortify your system withsecurity tools and programs that can identify and protect against hacks.

Malwarebytes Hacker Protection Software

Run these alongside your regular antivirus to remain evervigilant.

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  • Improved remediation additionally in Chrome program
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Ease to use

  • additionally improved notice plan for better lucidness
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  • Improved additionally refresh procedure to permit unique refreshing of UI parts
  • Other minor UI upgrades

Security/issues settled

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection Download

  • an additionally Fixed issue where the malware bytes plate application appeared in an ALT+Tab list
  • Improved Web Protection similarity with outsider applications
  • additionally Improved driver administration
  • Added dynamic snaring to Exploit Protection to oversee similarity with outsider applications better
  • Fixed issue where certain notices would not show appropriately in the wake of waking from rest
  • additionally Fixed issue on XP where certain records were not completely uninstalled
  • Fixed a crash identified with rootkit checking
  • Addressed different various UI changes and imperfections

System Requirements:


  • Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1/10.
  • 900MHz CPU or faster, with SSE2 technology
  • 2048 MB (64-bit OS), 1024 MB (32-bit OS)
  • 512 MB for Windows XP
  • 250 MB of free hard disk space
  • Windows XP Service Pack 2
  • Internet Explorer 6 or later.
  • 1024 MB of RAM
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution


  • Core 2 Duo CPU or faster
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 50 MB free hard disk space
  • 800×650 minimum screen resolution

Technical Information:

  • Operating systems: Windows(all versions), Mac OS X, Android
  • New Version:2021
  • License: Free to download here
  • Languages: Multiple Languages
  • Developed by: Malwarebytes

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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Features:

  • Removes deeply embedded rootkits.
  • Removes malware like Trojans, rogues, bots, worms, spyware, and more.
  • Real-time protection.
  • Block malicious websites.
  • Scans faster.
  • Multi-Language.
  • Easy to use Interface.
  • Block phishing and hack attempts.
  • Three flexible scan modes.
  • Automatic Scanning.
  • Helps to remove malware manually.
  • Quarantine to grasp threats and bring back them at your convenience.
  • Automatically update.

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