Itil Priority Matrix


The priority matrix helps you determine the Priority automatically based on Impact and Urgency of a request. Impact is listed in the y-axis, and Urgency list in the x-axis of the matrix. Priority Matrix requires a one-time configuration by the Administrator.
Once you set the Priority for specific Impact and Urgency in the priority matrix, when a requester selects a similar impact and urgency combination in the new request form, then the priority of the request will be determined based on the matrix.

A priority matrix can be useful in change management when there are more changes than the change advisory board can review in the time available. Impact and Urgency can be used in the priority matrix, just as they are for incident management and problem management. This is the priority matrix we work with (and that is also used in our tool): By mapping Impact and Urgency on one axis each, it is quite easy to set up a priority matrix that will help the team successfully deal with incidentss in their proper order. As you can understand, it is.

Itil incident priority matrix

To set up Priority Matrix,


Itil Change Priority Matrix

  1. Login to the ServiceDesk Plus MSP application using the user name and password of an admin user.

  2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

  3. In the Helpdesk block, click the Helpdesk Customizer icon . The next page displays the list of request form attributes that can be customized on the left menu and the category list page.

  4. Click Priority Matrix from the left menu. The next page displays priority matrix with impact list in the y-axis and the urgency list in the x-axis.

  5. From the Priority Matrix page, click the priority link against specific urgency and impact, this opens the drop down box.

Itil Change Priority Matrix

  1. Select the corresponding priority from the list. The priority will be set for the particular Impact and Urgency combination.

Itil Priority Matrix


In priority matrix : If Impact is Affects Business and Urgency is High then Priority should be High.
Result in request form :
If requester/technician selects Affects Business for impact and high for urgency in the request then, the priority field gets filled automatically and displays as high.