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How To Enable Dark Mode On Facebook iOSLets have a look at a special setting we can use to turn on dark mode in the facebook ios app. Dark mode is not a stan.

  • Here, you can set your iPhone to always use Dark Mode by selecting “On” or let your device automatically decide it based on the appearance selected in the system settings. That’s pretty much all there is to it. Now you know how easy it is to enable and use Dark Mode in Facebook on your iPhone.
  • Dark mode is an optional setting that changes the background of an app's interface, like Facebook, from white to black, and text from black to white. Dark mode consumes less battery on your device.
  • How to get Facebook dark mode on iPhone Open the Facebook app. Tap the three lines at the far right side of the bottom menu bar. Tap Settings & Privacy. Select Dark Mode.

Facebook is slowly but surely beginning its public rollout of Dark Mode support on iPhone and iPad. A handful of users have noticed a new Dark Mode setting in the Facebook app, and the company has confirmed that the feature is rolling out.

9to5Mac first reported in April that Facebook was in the process of developing and designing Dark Mode for its primary application on iOS. At the time, the feature was not publicly accessible, though we were able to enable the feature with some spelunking. As we explained at the time:

Facebook’s Dark Mode interface won’t be completely black like we’ve seen in Instagram and Messenger. Instead, it’s a grayscale design with white accents for logos and icons. This is sure to be a controversial decision among Facebook users.

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Users will be able to manually enable or disable Facebook’s Dark Mode via the in-app settings pane, but there will also be support for adjusting the appearance based on your iOS preferences. This means the app will automatically change its appearance to follow your Dark Mode scheduling.

Users have (ironically) taken to Twitter this week to show that they now have a new setting in the Facebook app to enable Dark Mode. This is accessible by opening the Facebook app, tapping the three lines in the lower-right corner, and looking for the “Settings and Privacy” section.

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Dark Mode in the Facebook app is not yet universally available. Instead, the company confirmed to Social Media Today that the feature is live only for “a small percentage of users globally right now.” There’s no timetable on when Facebook plans to release this feature to everyone. It’s also possible that the design changes before a release, or that Facebook is testing multiple different options.

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What do you think of Facebook’s Dark Mode interface on iOS? Do you have the new design in your Facebook app yet? Let us know down in the comments.

Facebook appears to be rolling out Dark Mode…


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