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1. A detailed list of goods shipped or services rendered, with an account of all costs; an itemized bill.·voiced, in·voic·ing, in·voic·es
2. To send an invoice to; bill.
[Alteration of obsolete invoyes, pl. of invoy, invoice, from French envoi, a sending, shipment, from envoyer, to send; see envoy1.]
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(ˈɪnvɔɪs) n
(Accounting & Book-keeping) a document issued by a seller to a buyer listing the goods or services supplied and stating the sum of money due
vb (Accounting & Book-keeping) (tr)
b. to list (merchandise sold) on an invoice
[C16: from earlier invoyes, from Old French envois, plural of envoi message; see envoy1]
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Invoice (ˈɪn vɔɪs)
n., v. -voiced, -voic•ing.n.
1. an itemized bill for goods sold or services provided, containing prices, the total charge, and the terms.
3. to present an invoice to or for.
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Past participle: invoiced
Gerund: invoicing

Invoice By Invoiced

I invoice
you invoice
he/she/it invoices
we invoice
you invoice
they invoice
I invoiced
you invoiced
he/she/it invoiced
we invoiced
you invoiced
they invoiced
Present Continuous
I am invoicing
you are invoicing
he/she/it is invoicing
we are invoicing
you are invoicing
they are invoicing
Present Perfect
I have invoiced
you have invoiced
he/she/it has invoiced
we have invoiced
you have invoiced
they have invoiced
Past Continuous
I was invoicing
you were invoicing
he/she/it was invoicing
we were invoicing
you were invoicing
they were invoicing
Past Perfect
I had invoiced
you had invoiced
he/she/it had invoiced
we had invoiced
you had invoiced
they had invoiced
I will invoice
you will invoice
he/she/it will invoice
we will invoice
you will invoice
they will invoice
Future Perfect
I will have invoiced
you will have invoiced
he/she/it will have invoiced
we will have invoiced
you will have invoiced
they will have invoiced
Future Continuous
I will be invoicing
you will be invoicing
he/she/it will be invoicing
we will be invoicing
you will be invoicing
they will be invoicing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been invoicing
you have been invoicing
he/she/it has been invoicing
we have been invoicing
you have been invoicing
they have been invoicing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been invoicing
you will have been invoicing
he/she/it will have been invoicing
we will have been invoicing
you will have been invoicing
they will have been invoicing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been invoicing
you had been invoicing
he/she/it had been invoicing
we had been invoicing
you had been invoicing
they had been invoicing
I would invoice
you would invoice
he/she/it would invoice
we would invoice
you would invoice
they would invoice
Past Conditional
I would have invoiced
you would have invoiced
he/she/it would have invoiced
we would have invoiced
you would have invoiced
they would have invoiced
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Noun1.invoice - an itemized statement of money owed for goods shipped or services rendered; 'he paid his bill and left'; 'send me an account of what I owe'
bill, account
financial statement, statement - a document showing credits and debits
electric bill - a bill for money owed for electricity used
hotel bill - statement of charges for staying in a hotel
doctor's bill, medical bill - statement of charges for medical services
phone bill, telephone bill - statement of charges for telephone service
tax bill - money owed for taxes
tab, chit, check - the bill in a restaurant; 'he asked the waiter for the check'
Verb1.invoice - send an bill to; 'She invoiced the company for her expenses'
bill, charge - demand payment; 'Will I get charged for this service?'; 'We were billed for 4 nights in the hotel, although we stayed only 3 nights'
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1.account, charge, bill, statement, balance, register, reckoning, tally, inventory, computationWe will send you an invoice for the total course fees.
1.charge, bill, record, figure, reckon, debitThe agency invoices the client who then pays the full amount.
Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995, 2002


nounA precise list of fees or charges:
Informal: tab.
To present a statement of fees or charges to:
The American Heritage® Roget's Thesaurus. Copyright © 2013, 2014 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.
فَاتُورَةٌ تِـجَارِيَّةٌفاتورَه، قائِمَة الحِسابيُحَرِّرُ فاتورَة الحِسابيُرْسِلُ فَاتُورَةٌ تِـجَارِيَّةٌ
pateikti sąskaitąsąskaita faktūra
hóa đơnlập hóa đơn


as per invoicesegún factura
to send an invoicepasarorpresentarfactura
B.VT [+ goods] → facturar
to invoice sb for sthpasar a algn factura por algo
you will be invoiced once the goods have been deliveredle pasaremosfacturaor le mandaremos la facturauna vez le haya sido entregada la mercancía
C.CPDinvoice clerkNfacturador(a) m/f
invoice valueNvalormtotal de factura
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1971, 1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2005


to invoice sb for goods → facturer des marchandises à qn
Collins English/French Electronic Resource. © HarperCollins Publishers 2005


n(= bill)(Waren)rechnungf; (= list)Lieferscheinm
vt goodsin Rechnung stellen, berechnen; to invoice somebody for somethingjdm für etw eine Rechnungausstellen; has he been invoiced for these yet?hat er dafür schon eine Rechnungbekommen?; we’ll invoice youwir senden Ihnen die Rechnung
Collins German Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged 7th Edition 2005. © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1980 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1997, 1999, 2004, 2005, 2007


2.vt (goods) → fatturare
to invoice sb for goods → intestare a qn la fattura per le or delle merci
Collins Italian Dictionary 1st Edition © HarperCollins Publishers 1995


(ˈinvois) noun
a list sent with goods giving details of price and quantity. faktuur فاتورَه، قائِمَة الحِساب фактура fatura účet, faktura die Warenrechnung faktura τιμολόγιοfactura arve فاکتور lasku factureחשבונית बीजक račun, faktura számla faktur vörureikningur fattura 送り状 송장 sąskaita faktūra faktūrrēķins; pavadzīme invois factuurfakturafaktura بل يا رسيد د يو شى د اخيستلو په وخت كښى factura factură счет-фактура faktúra, účet faktura faktura faktura ใบแจ้งราคาสินค้าที่ขายให้ fatura 發票 рахунок-фактура مال کی تفصیلی فہرست hóa đơn 发票,发货清单
They invoiced us for the cost of the shipment. faktureer يُحَرِّرُ فاتورَة الحِساب издавам фактура emitir fatura fakturovat die Warenrechnung fakturere στέλνω τιμολόγιο σε κπ. facturar, pasar factura arvet tegema, arvet esitama فاکتور دادن laskuttaa facturer לְהוֹצִיא חֶשבוֹנִית बीजक बनाना fakturirati számlát küld (vkinek) mengirimkan faktur fatturare 請求書を出す 송장을 보내다 pateikti (kam) sàskaità sagatavot/nosūtīt faktūrrēķinu, pavadzīmi menghantar invois facturerenfakturere; sende faktura wystawić fakturę بل يا رسيد وركول выписывать счет-фактуру fakturovať, účtovať poslati račun fakturisati fakturera ออกใบแจ้งราคาสินค้า fatura etmek 開發票 виписувати рахунок-фактуру بیجک تیار کرنا، بھیجنا lập hóa đơn 开发票
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فَاتُورَةٌ تِـجَارِيَّةٌ, يُرْسِلُ فَاتُورَةٌ تِـجَارِيَّةٌ faktura, fakturovat faktura, fakturerein Rechnung stellen, Rechnungτιμολόγιο, τιμολογώfactura, facturar lasku, laskuttaafacture, facturer faktura, fakturiratifattura, fatturare インボイス, インボイスを送る 송장, 송장을 보내다factureren, factuurfaktura, fakturerefaktura, zafakturowaćfatura, faturarвыписывать счет-фактуру, счет-фактураInvoice By Invoiced faktura, fakturera ใบรายการส่งสินค้าที่แสดงราคา, ออกใบแจ้งราคาสินค้าfatura, faturalamak hóa đơn, lập hóa đơn出票, 发票
Multilingual Translator © HarperCollins Publishers 2009

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To create invoices, you first need to enable 'Invoicing' in workspace settings.

Create invoices for clients based on tracked time, and mark entries as invoiced so you don't double bill clients.

Invoicing is an extra feature, which you can enable by upgrading your workspace to Standard, Pro, or Enterprise plan. You can try out the feature for free by activating the free 7-day trial (no credit card required).

Creating invoices #

  1. Enable Invoicing in the Workspace settings
  2. Go to Invoices page from sidebar
  3. Click 'Create invoice'
  4. Choose client
  5. Change currency, invoice number, and issue/due dates (if needed)
  6. Click 'Create'
  7. Manually add items to the invoice or import your tracked time
  8. Download PDF

You can enter what the invoice is about in the Subject field (which will appear at the top of the invoice), and you can enter additional information at the Notes fields (which will appear at the end of the invoice).

'Bill from' name, address, and logo are taken from your workspace settings, and 'Bill to' address is taken from the client (you can edit client address by going to the Clients page and click on the edit icon for some client).

Managing invoices #

Free Invoice By Invoiced

On the Invoices page, you can see all your invoices, mark them as Sent/Paid/Void, and filter by status.

You can also edit, delete, and change status of an invoice by clicking on some invoice, and then choosing an action from the Actions dropdown in the upper right corner.

Invoices that are marked as paid can't be edited. To edit a paid invoice, you first need to mark it as either Unsent or Sent.

You can add Tax and Discount to each invoice. Just click what you wish to add, enter number, and it will be added to the invoice in form of a percentage. Discount is applied to the invoice's subtotal, and then the Tax is applied on the final result.

Only admins can access the Invoices page.

Invoicing tracked time #

  1. Open the invoice and click 'Import time'
  2. Choose which projects for that client you wish to invoice
  3. Choose from which period you wish to invoice time entries
  4. Choose how you wish to group items in the invoice:
    • Single item - all hours will be merged into one line item
    • Detailed - each time entry will be listed as an individual line item
    • Grouped - group hours by project, user, or date (and further subgroup project, user, date, or description)
  5. Choose if you wish to round imported time
  6. Click 'Import'

Import will take all time entries that match the chosen date range and selected project.

You can set time rounding option in workspace settings. When you round time, each individual time entry is rounded (and not just the final total).

You can only import time entries that are both uninvoiced and billable.

After the import is done, invoice items will be automatically populated and all appropriate time entries will be automatically marked as invoiced.

If you delete some line item, all time entries from that item will lose their invoiced status.

You can edit line items from imported as you want (eg. change description, amount, or cost), and it won't affect the actual time entries.

You can import time into an invoice multiple times (the only limit is that it has to be the same client).

If you delete the whole invoice, all its entries will be marked as uninvoiced.

Conversion from clock to decimal format #

Total amount between reports and invoices may slightly differ.

Invoices round time on two decimals, while reports take more decimals into account. For example, let's say you have a time entry whose duration is 20min, or 0.3333333h when converted to decimal format. When a report multiplies it with hourly rate of $100, the result in report is $33.33. But when that entry is imported into an invoice, the invoice imports time rounded to two decimals (0.33h), which when multiplied with $100 equals $33.00.

Grouping option may also result in different total amounts.

Let's say you have three entries on some project, each 20min. If you import time one by one with the 'Group hours: Detailed' option. the invoice will make three line items of 0.33 and total amount will be $99.00 (3 x 0.33h x $100). But if you choose 'Group hours: Project' option, they will be summed up and rounded using more decimals (like in the reports), resulting in $100.00 invoice.

To avoid discrepancy due to decimal rounding, round time up, down, or to nearest 6/12/15/30 minutes (i.e. any number divisible by six).

Settings #

To get invoices in another language or need to name things differently to something else (eg. change label from 'Tax' to 'VAT'):

  1. Click on the cog icon (Settings) next to the 'Create invoice' button on the Invoices page
  2. For each label, enter what you wish to be displayed instead
  3. Each PDF you generate will now display the new labels

Marking time as invoiced manually #

Time entries that are invoiced have a green 'invoiced' tag next to them in the Detailed report.

When you hover over the 'invoiced' tag, you'll see the client and the invoice ID under which the time entry was invoiced (unless it was manually marked as invoiced).

You can filter reports by invoiced/uninvoiced status from the Status filter.

Create Free Invoice

To manually mark time as invoiced, select all time entries you need via bulk edit, and then click on 'Mark as invoiced' (located next to 'Bulk edit' in the table header).

Invoiced Log In

To mark time as uninvoiced, select only invoiced time entries and click 'Mark as uninvoiced'.