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Changing your address with DMV. The California Department of Motor Vehicles handles all address changes. You can change your address in three easy ways; online, in-person or by mail. Once you complete the address change process with the DMV, the information on your CA drivers license, ID card, vehicle registration card, and/or vehicle certificate of title (pink slip) will all be updated BUT you will not receive new documents, e.g. Drivers license with new address, registration card with new. Please provide address change information on every vehicle that is registered in your name. If you would like to update the address on your actual driver's license/State ID card, you must visit a Secretary of State facility and bring one Acceptable Identification (Group D) and pay the appropriate fee. Name changes cannot be submitted online. Why do I need to update my address with DMV? New York State law requires that you to report a change of residence address on a driver license, permit, non-driver ID, or registration to the DMV within 10 days. Changing your address with the DMV: Updates your DMV records; Ensures you receive mail related to your registrations and driving privileges.

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I Want My Address

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