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Although there isn’t any way to change the entire Facebook app into a dark mode, there is a way to turn Facebook Messenger into a dark mode. Step 1 Click on your profile picture on the upper left-hand corner, and you should see the page below.

Facebook Dark Mode For Android

Open the Facebook app on an iOS device. Tap the “Menu” tab on the bottom menu. Scroll down and tap “Privacy and Settings.” A shortcut toggle for Dark Mode will be here, provided you have it. Facebook and Instagram are threatening that users will need to pay for their services. But only if users don't allow the pair to track them from app to app after installing iOS 14.5. Following the release of iOS 14.5 all apps must ask for permission before they can track a user between apps and websites. Nov 02, 2020 How to manage Dark Mode in Facebook for iOS To enable dark mode in the Facebook app, you will have to navigate to the “Security and Privacy” section and select the Dark Mode option. From there, you can select one of three options to manage dark mode on your device. Launch Facebook version 294.0 or higher on your iPhone or iPad.

How to turn on Dark Mode

  1. Go to Settings, then tap Display & Brightness.
  2. Select Dark to turn on Dark Mode.
Facebook dark mode ios 14 supportFacebook dark mode ios 14.3

You can also access Dark Mode from Control Center. Open Control Center, then tap the Dark Mode button to turn it on or off. Learn how to use Control Center on your iPhone or iPod touch, or on your iPad.

To turn Dark Mode on automatically at sunset or at a specific time, go to Settings > Display & Brightness and select Automatic. Then tap Options to set a schedule for Dark Mode.

Learn more

  • Learn how to adjust your brightness settings on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  • Learn how to use Dark Mode on your Mac.
Facebook Dark Mode Ios 14

Facebook is now beginning a broader rollout of Dark Mode support on iOS. This comes 5 months after Facebook confirmed its plans to roll out Dark Mode support for iOS, and over a year after Dark Mode came to the iPhone with iOS 13.


In April, 9to5Mac reported that Facebook was in the process of developing and designing Dark Mode support on iOS. Then in June, the company confirmed its plans and rolled the new design to a very small percentage of users.

Now, Facebook has confirmed in collaboration with Jane Manchun Wong that it is now publicly testing Dark Mode support on iPhone. This doesn’t necessarily mean the feature is available to everyone, but it does signal that it’s coming to a wider percentage of the user base now.

Here’s how to check to see if Dark Mode is available though your Facebook account and how to enable it:

Facebook dark mode ios 13
  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Facebook app from the App Store
  2. Open the Facebook app and tap the three lines in the bottom-right of the navigation bar
  3. Tap “Settings & Privacy”
  4. Look for a new “Dark Mode” option
  5. Choose between On, Off, or System.

Under the “System” option, Facebook will adjust its appearance based the settings of your iOS device. This is the best option if you want the Facebook app to adhere to the Dark Mode schedule you use on your iPhone.

Again, Facebook has not yet rolled out Dark Mode support on iOS to everyone, but it is publicly testing the feature with a wider percentage of the Facebook user base. Hopefully, a full rollout will commence sooner rather than later.

Do you have Dark Mode support in the Facebook app on your iPhone? Let us know down in the comments!

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