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Last updated: Jun 22, 2020 16:08 The Start application function is used to open an application on the device. This is a preferred alternative to using visual analysis because it ensures a successful launch on different devices. Read PACKAGES from the story Roblox Codes by KawaiiKiwiii with 18,391 reads.1.Korblox Deathspeaker.Sparkle Time Bundle.Golden Suit Of Bl. The bundle Ids resource represents the app's unique identifier that you can register, modify, and delete. You need a bundle ID before you can assign capabilities with the Bundle ID Capabilities resource or create a provisioning profile with the Profiles resource. Get bundle identifier from a bundle name (macOS): Safari → com.apple.Safari - sindresorhus/bundle-id.

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  1. Modifying the bundle identifier, package name & app display name in a Flutter app

Android apps on the play store have a unique package name and iOS apps have bundle identifier that serves the same purpose. Often we create our project with some other package and name and before publish we need to change it so here is a guide for you to change the app display name as well as package/bundle id for both android and iOS platforms.

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Changing the app display name





That’s all, your new app name will be displayed on the user’s phone now.

Bundle ID and Package Name

Bundle id

Changing package name for the Android platform

This needs to be changed in 4 places.

1. AndroidManifest.xml

This file will be found at 3 places. Repeat the replacement for all three files.




Bundle Id Meaning


2. App level build.gradle


3. MainActivity


If your app is using java instead of kotlin, it will be MainActivity.javawithin java folder.

Change the top package statement

4. The directory containing the MainActivity.kt file

The file from above step will be within com/example/domainname. You want to replace the ‘example‘ with your domain name.

Right click on ‘example‘ folder. Go to Refractor –> Rename.

Change the name and click Refractor.

Now the new path should be like com/newpackage/app/

That is all. Now your android app is ready with new package.

Change Bundle Identifier for iOS Platform

iOS app has the bundle identifier set in Info.plist file as value for the key CFBundleIdentifier. First check and make sure that this key in Info.plist file points to a variable like this:


So we will find this variable and set its value. It will be present in the following file:

project/ios/Runner.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj file

Find the PRODUCT_BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER variable and change its value to the identifier you want to use.

This variable will be present in at least 3 places. So, you must run a search and replace all occurrences.

That’s all for the iOS app.

Now just run the following command in your terminal and you are done.



Don’t like changing files in such a way? An alternative way would be to use this package.

Using this, you simply run these 2 commands in your terminal and your app name and identifiers will be changed.pub global run

Creating project with proper identifier

As you can see, changing the package and bundle id requires quite some changes, so from the next time, you can run this command to create your project with the proper identifier.

That’s all. Thank you for reading. Good luck with your app release! Check out the other articles in this series [List at the top]. Let me know in the comments if you need tutorials on any other topic!

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