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Buildbox Free is the latest version of our Buildbox 3 software. So, you’ll have full access to all of our new game building features for making both 2D and 3D games. Game Wizards & Interactive Tutorials. Getting started in Buildbox Free is easy. We have a quick-start guide that leads you through the initial game setup for both 2D and 3D game. As of 6PM EST, BuildBox free is available for download. BuildBox was previously commercial only, with a hefty price tag, but with this release there is now. We’ve just released Buildbox Free, a completely free version of our no-code game development software that anyone can download. Our software has unique creation layers that make it super easy to build out your game quickly. No previous coding or design experience is required. You can jump right in and start creating.

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You can start to work at your passion now

BuildBox is a simple designer games do not require knowledge of programming languages. Designer developers claim that in BuildBox, you can create a full 2D game with absolutely no knowledge of any. Pros: Buildbox is one of the best Android Game maker which can be used without a single coding knowledge. You can develop high quality 3d as well as 2d games even if you are not a professional game developer. I developed 50+ games in buildbox and all are doing great.

The new year comes with great news for indie game developers and for mobile gamers. The free version of Buildbox was released 2 weeks ago, on 18 December 2019.


What is Buildbox?

Buildbox is a software created for easy development of 2d and 3d games, especially for mobiles. There are 2 different versions of BB (Buildbox): version 2 which allows you to create 2d games and version 3 which is designed for 3d games and 2d games and it is now FREE for everybody.

The main characteristic of Buildbox is that you don’t need to know any programming language to develop a complete mobile game with all that you need: Unlimited levels, scenes, characters, IAP, easily integrated ads and many more. All you need are the game assets and your imagination to assemble them in your game.


But don’t worry if you have programming skills and you like to use them to improve your product. Once with BB 3 release, you can add programming nodes with customized scripts. So the sky is no longer the limit.


Did we use Buildbox before?

Is Buildbox Free Good

Buildbox free templates

Oh, yeah! We created with Buildbox very popular games with a lot of downloads, highly appreciated and with a great income like:

  • Nelson in Aventura
  • Atentie, cad Mere!
  • Hot Rush: An 8-bit Horror Adventure
  • Emilut in Aventura
  • …and many more.

You can find all our games on our Google Play & AppStore pages:

Google Play:



Why are we recommending this software?

We consider that Buildbox is the easiest software to use if you just started to work at your own games. Besides this, the speed within you can finish a complete project from 0 is incredible. We are using it for over 2 years and it is really cool. And of course, it is free. Why wouldn’t you try it?

Official announcement & Download link

If you want to download BB right now, you should use the official source from here:

If not, maybe you want to see a short presentation before here:

Buildbox 2.0 Free Download

Go ahead… good luck!

Buildbox free full. download

We are wishing you a good year, with success stories about indie game development. Focus on your passion and big results will come. Stay in touch with us, following us on Instagram here:

All the best from Wyverin team: Emil, Raul & Vlad.