Blue Keycard Rust

Keycards are a major and necessary element of the game, as being the only item in-game that can open doors with a keycard slot. Keycards can be found in various places. There are six keycard levels, from 1 to 5 plus Omni.

Blue keycard areas rust
  1. Firstly, you want to find this building which is on the outskirts of the harbor. Head into the bottom floor, put a fuse in and flip the switch. Head back out and up to the top floor, swipe your green key card and you’re in. You’ll find 1 or 2 crates and a blue key card on the desk. RUST Harbor 2 Puzzle.
  2. Monument Puzzles: Basic Green Solutions. This guide will show you where to find green cards and how to solve each basic puzzle.

Level 1[editedit source]

The level 1 keycard is the lowest level card. It can open the first door to the small testing chamber.

Blue Keycard Rust Airfield

The keycard can be found in:

  • The storeroom.
  • A storage room affected by SCP-970.
  • The 2-level office, next to a computer.

The keycard can also be created by putting a quarter into SCP-914 on the 'Fine' setting.

Where To Use Blue Keycard Rust

Rust Where to Get Red Key Cards, All Blue Monument Puzzle Locations (Rust Tutorials) - In today's video we will show you where to get red key cards in Rust.

Level 2[editedit source]

Level 2 keycards can be used to open the doors to SCP-895's chamber and SCP-914's chamber.

The keycard can be found in:

  • The basic office.
  • The small testing room.

Rust Blue Keycard Monuments

The keycard can also be created using SCP-914 by putting a level 1 keycard in it on the 'Fine' setting, or a master card or quarter on the 'Very Fine' setting.

Level 3[editedit source]

Level 3 keycards can be used to open:

  • The main door in SCP-012's chamber.
  • SCP-079's chamber.
  • SCP-205's chamber.
  • SCP-966's chamber.
  • All the doors in the SCP storage chamber.
  • The first door in Containment Room 5.
  • The surveillance Room.
  • All the doors in the server hub.
  • The checkpoint room between the Light Containment Zone and Heavy Containment Zone.

The keycard can be found in SCP-895's chamber. It can also be created by putting a level 2 keycard into SCP-914 on the 'Fine' setting.

Level 4[editedit source]

Level 4 keycards can be used to open:

  • The head office.
  • SCP-106's chamber.
  • The two doors to the lower area of SCP-106's chamber.
  • Both doors in SCP-008's chamber.

The keycard can be found in SCP-049's chamber.

Level 5[editedit source]

The level 5 keycard is the highest keycard that can be obtained. Both can access any rooms requiring a keycard.

Level 5 keycards can be used to exclusively open:

  • SCP-035's chamber
  • The door to the elevator leading to the warhead room as well as the door leading into the small control room inside.
  • The checkpoint room between the Heavy Containment Zone and Entrance Zone.
  • The blast door to reach Gate A.

The keycard can be found in SCP-106's chamber under a shelf beside the controls and in the head office. It can also be created by putting a level 4 keycard into SCP-914 on the 'Fine' setting.

Omni[editedit source]

The Omni keycard can access anything requiring a keycard, making it equivalent to a level 5 keycard. The Omni keycard can only be obtained via placing a level 5 keycard into SCP-914 on the 'Fine' setting or with any level keycard on the 'Very Fine' setting, though this has a chance of creating a MasterCard instead.

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How to resolve the Military Tunnels and Launch Site keycard puzzles?

There are two monuments with the better loot in the game: that’s the military tunnels and the Launch Site. In order to get into the tunnels or the Launch Site you need to solve some puzzles.

Military Tunnels

For the Military tunnels you need 1 fuse, 1 green card, 1 blue card ánd 1 red card. And of course you need a radsuit.

  • Puzzle steps
    • Take the right door of the main entrance
    • Once inside continue to the right until you reach a door on your right hand side.
    • In there you will find a fuse box with a timer next to it that you will need to activate to unlock the first door.
    • Make your way down to the core of the tunnels.
    • Look for a doorway through the fence on your left. Go through there and head left.
    • On the other side of the tracks you’ll see the green door.
    • Once you go through there, on your right hand side you’ll find an ON/OFF-Switch, flip this to be on.
    • To get to the blue door you need to head to the center of the core – The train wagon with the three elite crates in it.
    • Now, head down the most obstructed passage.
    • On your right you’ll find the blue door.
    • Directly behind the blue door you’ll find the red door, with a short timed timer.
    • Behind this door you’ll find the main loot of the puzzle as well as a fast exit on the other side of the room.

Launch Site

To get into the Launch Site, you only need 2 fuses, 1 green card and 1 red card. Together with a radsuit.
Overview 1
Overview 2

  • Puzzle steps
    • Go to the small crude oil barrel building to the side of the dip in launch, inside here you’ll find an on/off-switch. Turn it on. The 2nd on/off-switch can be found just before the sewer part of launch, and can be accessed by going down from this building. This powers the timed switch it can be found by dropping down next to the rocket scaffolding. From there jump over to the timed electricity point. Activate the timer and proceed with the jumping puzzle. On the other end you’ll find a button, give it a press!
    • Now you can head over to the green door, it can be found at the little building next to the three silos. In there you’ll find your first fuse box, put a fuse in it and switch the on/off-switch on that’s next to it.
    • Go through the door nearest to the two blue containers, in that room is the second fuse box with another on/off-switch next to it. This should then unlock the Red Door.
    • There are 4 red doors at the launch site, 2 on each side of the building. When coming from the blue containers’ side you should pick the right door.
    • The way up to launch remains unchanged.

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