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BetterDiscord Themes. Under Construction. Join the #theme-repo channel in Discord! Confused about how to use Better Discord? In this post, you will get to know everything about Better Discord from how to Install it and use it easily.

BetterDiscord is a client modification for Discord. This allows you to add plugins and themes to your personal copy of Discord. BetterDiscord also adds a number of other features out of the box.

Auto Installers


Grab the exe file from here.

macOS/OS X

Bandaged Discord Server

Grab the zip file from here.


Grab the AppImage file from here.

Manual Installation


For normal users, installing via the installers makes the most sense. However when wanting to either develop BetterDiscord, or when the installers do not work, this option can be used.

Prerequisites: Git, Node.js 12.x+ and the package manager npm.

  1. Clone this repository git clone
  2. Install dependencies with npm install
  3. Build both the Injector and Renderer bundles with npm run build this will create a injector.js, preload.js, and renderer.js in the dist folder.
  4. Run the inject script to inject the local files into your Discord client (npm run inject). Alternately install it to non-stable using npm run inject canary.

What is this?

This is a client modification for Discord. It allows you to add plugins and themes to your client. Plugins can add functionality and useful features. Themes can completely change the look and feel of Discord.

BD has some other built-in features such as Emotes from Twitch, FFZ, and BBTV, as well as an in-client server browser.

Where can I get plugins and themes?

In our support servers we have channels with lists of official plugins and themes. Please note we do not have an official listing on a website and are not affiliated with any of those websites. However BetterDiscordLibrary is generally trustworthy.

Support Servers?

There are two: The main server, and the backup.

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Emoji is an important part of social media, I can’t chat online without emojis! Official emoji and gif are not enough, I have my favorites, but how to use them in Discord? This post will guide you to add and use custom emojis in Discord step-by-step.

How to add custom Emojis

Adding custom emojis is easy, but you need to have the manage emoji permission or are the server owner.

How to check my permission?

Well if you’re clear about the roles in the server, you can just send a message that can click your name to know your roles. If you don’t know the permissions, you can click the arrow nearby the server’s name. If you can’t find Server Settings, you don’t have the manage emoji permission.

Have the permission.

Requirements for custom emojis

  • Up to 50 custom emojis.
  • Up to 50 animated emojis.
  • Emoji names must be at least 2 characters long ( can only contain alphanumeric characters and underscores).
  • The emoji file size must be smaller than 256kb.
  • For optimal emoji resolution, you can upload the size up to 128×128 pixels, Discord will resize it to 32×32.

How to add custom emojis

  1. Choose the server that you have the manage emoji permission.
  2. Click the down arrow.
  3. Click Server Settings.
  4. Choose Emoji on the left panel and click Upload Emoji. Choose the emojis you want to upload.
Note: If you don’t have Nitro, you can’t use animated emojis, even on you own server.

How to use custom emojis –for people without Nitro

If you want to use your custom emojis everywhere without limits, you need to have Discord Nitro (click to learn how to get free Discord Nitro).
If you don’t want to pay for it, you can use the below tricks to use custom emojis and GIFs more easily.
NOTE: Free users can’t use custom emojis as a reaction on the other servers or DM.

Add GIFs to your favorites

You can see the GIF button beside the emoji button. Either click or type to search could bring GIFs to you, you can pick the one you like.

But sometimes search for gifs are not efficient. You have to wait for a while.

Adding gits to your Favorites section could solve the issue.

When your cursor on the gif, you’ll see a star appear on the upper right corner, click to Add to Favorites. Next time, click the FAVORITES section to find it directly.

Set up a custom emoji folder

If you have saved some special emojis or gifs that are not easy to be found on the net, I recommend you set up a new folder on your PC or phone’s Photos. You need to know, as a free user, we can’t send custom emojis and gifs in DM or other servers through the Emoji button. But we can send emojis through the file button.

  1. Click the “+” button on the left corner. Choose the folder > Emoji/gift.
  2. Click Upload.
  3. You send it to your friends or server successfully.

Free sites for discord custom emojis

These are the sites for you to download safe and eligible custom emojis. You can add them to servers easily without any problem.

This site says it’s the best custom slack emojis, but you can download them for discord. They work great.

It’s a site focus on custom emojis for Discord and Slack. You can download the whole theme or choose one of them.

If you love anime and prefer anime emojis, this site would meet your need.

Bandaged Discord Reddit

These sites provides a compilation of emojis/emotes and stickers that can be used on discord. as well as reaction images and gifs.


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That’s it! Hope this post could help you. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can leave comments below.