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Or stolen 72-Andromalius. Column IV contains the 91 sigil characters which are the key to the Clavicula. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE 'if you can find it'. The sad TRUTH about the TRUTH is don't believe anything you READ, HEAR or SEE on this site or any other News sites as we have all. The sigil was made by the an artist from the internet as tribal symbols, which the author used it as base for the symbol of the Andromalius. The theme around the clan was based on the elements of Hokuto no Ken & Rurouni Kenshin for fighting and assassination techniques, while the way the ability works is based on the character, Zi Yu with his.

The sigil of Baal

Bael is a demon described in demonologicalgrimoires such as the Lesser Key of Solomon and the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum (where he is the first spirit mentioned) and also in the Dictionnaire Infernal. He is described as a hoarsely-voiced king with the power to make men invisible and ruling over sixty-six legions of demons.[1][2][3][note 1]The Lesser Key of Solomon describes him as appearing in the form of a cat, toad, man, some combination thereof, or other 'divers [sic] shapes',[4] while the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum and the Dictionnaire Infernal state that he appears with the heads of a cat, toad, and human simultaneously.[2][3]Jacques Collin de Plancy wonders if Bael is the same as the Canaanite deity Baal,[3] a reasonable conclusion.[5][6] In the Livre des Esperitz, Bael (as Beal) is described as a king ruled by Orient (Oriens), still possessing the power of invisibility, as well as the power to garner the favor of others, but ruling over only six legions of demons.[7] The Liber Officium Spirituum features Baal, Baall, Boal, or Boall, again a hoarsely-voiced king (or sometimes a soldier), with not only powers of invisibility but also sciences and love.[8][9] Sloane MS 3824 mentions Baal, in 'Of the Demon Rulers,' as a king ruled by Oriens, attributed with teaching science, (again) granting invisibility, and controlling 250 legions of spirits.[10] Bael appears in later editions of The Grimoire of Pope Honorius, under Astaroth, as a prince whose powers include (again) invisibility and popularity.[11][12] In the Grand Grimoire, Bael (as Baal) is listed as a subordinate of Lucifuge Rofocale.[13] According to Rudd, Bael is opposed by the Shemhamphorasch angel Vehuiah.[14]

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Explanatory footnotes

Sigil of Agares
∙ Zodiac position: 5-9 Degrees of Aries
∙ March 25th-29th
∙ Tarot Card: 2 of Rods
∙ Candle color: Deep Blood Red
∙ Plant: Carnation
∙ Planet: Mars/Mercury
∙ Metal: Copper
∙ Element of Air and Fire
∙ Rank: Grand Duke of the eastern regions of Hell
∙ She governs 31 legions of spirits
∙ Animal: Tiger
∙ Agares is a Day Demon and was of the order of the Virtues.
Agares rules over the common people; the residents of Hell. Agares’ position is similar to that of a human Mayor. She teaches all languages, brings back runaways, can stop one from running, and incite one to run. Agares’ chases off enemies, destroys the spirits of the enemy, and can bring about the downfall of important men: causing them to lose their position, honor, and the respect of others. Agares’ has been known to cause earthquakes, and incite dancing.

Sigil of Amon
∙ Zodiac Position: 0-4 Degrees of Taurus
∙ April 20th-24th
∙ Tarot Card: 5 of Pentacles
∙ Candle color: Red or Gold*
∙ Plant: Nightshade
∙ Planet: Sun*
∙ Metal: Gold*
∙ Animal: Lion*
∙ Element of: Fire and Air*
∙ Rank: Prince*
∙ Amon rules over the Western Region of Hell*
∙ Amon is a Day Demon and Governs 40 legions of spirits
He Discerns the past, fortells the future, reconciles friends and enemies, procures love and causes love to flourish.

Sigil of Aim
∙ Zodiac position: 20-24 degrees of Cancer
∙ July 13th-17th
∙ Tarot Card: 4 of Cups
∙ Candle color: Deep Blue as in blueberry* color
∙ Plant: Lemon
∙ Animal: Platypus*
∙ Planet: Neptune*
∙ Metal: Tin/Neptunium
∙ Element of Air*
∙ Rank: Marquis*
∙ Aim rules over atmosphere control in Hell*
∙ Aim governs 26 legions of spirits and is a Day Demon
He Gives true answers to questions, will answer questions of things unknown, makes men witty, teaches cunning and shrewdness, He can spread destruction by means of fire, setting buildings and entire cities on fire. He answers questions regarding private matters

Sigil of Alloces
∙ Zodiac Position: 15-19 degrees of Sagittarius
∙ December 8th-11th
∙ Tarot card: 9 of Rods
∙ Candle color: Green*
∙ Animal: Bat*
∙ Plant: Sage
∙ Planet: Uranus*
∙ Metal: Bronze*
∙ Element of Water*
∙ Alloces governs 36 legions of spirits and is a Night Demon
∙ Alloces rules over a “public” meeting house in Hell where communities of Demons gather to discuss and plan community events for their areas. These Demons specialize in architecture and art.*
He Provides good familars, teaches astronomy and the liberal sciences, He can be sent to revenge secret enemies. He has a deep hoarse voice and is loud in speaking.

Andromalius Sigil

Sigil of Amdusias
∙ Zodiac Position: 0-4 degrees of Pisces
∙ February 19th-23rd
∙ Tarot card: 8 of Cups
∙ Candle color: Light Blue*
∙ Plant: Mimosa
∙ Planet: Neptune*
∙ Animal: Bird*
∙ Metal: Silver*
∙ Element of Water and Air*
∙ Rank: King*
∙ Amdusias governs 29 legions of spirits and is a Night Demon
∙ Amdusias is the Musical Director in Hell and is the God with the highest skill in Music*
He can inspire music, He causes musical instruments to be heard, but not seen, gives excellent familiars, He can give a familiar to assist on any secret mission one wishes to perform, can cause trees to become barren of fruit or even fall to the ground, or bend according to one’s will. Amdusias has long black hair. He is tall with long fingers and he has strong, rough hands. His wings are tan and he has dark skin.

Sigil of Amy
∙ Zodiac Position: 15- 19 degrees of Caprcorn
∙ January 6th-10th
∙ Tarot card: 3 of Pentacles
∙ Candle color: Pink*
∙ Plant: Vervain
∙ Animal: Panther*
∙ Planet: Venus*
∙ Metal: Copper*
∙ Element of Earth*
∙ Rank: Earl*
∙ Amy govers 36 legions of spirits and is a Night Demon
He teaches astrology and the liberal sciences, provides familiars and discovers hidden treasures, shows the way to fortune, wealth and treasure.

Andromalius sigil download

Sigil of Andras
∙ Zodiac Position: 10-14 degrees of Aquarius
∙ January 30th- February 3rd
∙ Tarot card: 6 of Swords
∙ Candle color: Black*
∙ Plant: Violet
∙ Animal: Hell Hound/Wolf*>
∙ Planet: Pluto and Mars*
∙ Metal: Iron and Silver*
∙ Element of Fire*
∙ Rank: There is no human equivalent or word for his Rank*
∙ Andras Satan’s Chief Guard and Head of Security*
∙ Andras Governs 30 legions of spirits and is a Night Demon
Andras is the God who was worshiped in the Weald. He can completely destroy enemies, Andras has a reputation for killing mages and their assistants. He is said to be very dangerous.

Sigil of Andrealphus
∙ Zodiac Position: 20-24 Degrees of Aquarius
∙ February 9th- 13th
∙ Tarot card: 7 of Swords
∙ Candle color: Silver*
∙ Plant: Lotus
∙ Animal: Frog*
∙ Planet: 4 of the Moons of Jupiter*
∙ Metal: Nickle and Silver*
∙ Element of earth*
∙ Rank: Earl*
∙ Andrealphus governs 30 legions of spirits and is a Night Demon
∙ Andrealphus is a Scientist; specializing in Chemistry*
He teaches astronomy, geometry,and everything concerned with measurement.
He also teaches mathematics

Sigil of Andromalius
∙ Zodiac Position: 25-29 Degrees of Pisces
∙ March 16th-20th
∙ Tarot card: Ten of Cups
∙ Candle color: Indigo*
∙ Plant: Wormwood
∙ Animal: Pigeon*
∙ Planet: Jupiter*
∙ Metal: Iron*
∙ Element of Air*
∙ Rank: Earl*
∙ Andromalius rules over 36 legions of spirits and is a night Demon
∙ Andromalius is a Watcher. Watchers spy on the enemy and report directly to Satan, Andras or Azazel*
He reveals thieves, and returns stolen goods, discovers all wickedness, locates hidden treasure. He will punish thieves and avenge offenders. He recovers lost articles and finds money He also reveals secret plots and can catch a thief.

Sigil of Asmodeus
∙ Zodiac Position: 5-9 degrees of Virgo
∙ August 28th- September 1st
∙ Tarot Card: 8 of Pentacles
∙ Candle color: Black or Blue*
∙ Plant: Mint
∙ Animal: Whale*
∙ Planet: Neptune*
∙ Metal: Copper when it turns Blue*
∙ Element: Water*
∙ Rank: King*
∙ Asmodeus is Chief Astrologer of Hell and Oversees the Gambling Houses in Hell. He is a very busy Demon.*
∙ Asmodeus is a Day Demon, he is among the legions of AMAYON and rules 72 legions of spirits
∙ Asmodeus carries the title “King of the Demons”
ASMODEUS MUST BE INVOKED BAREHEADED. He teaches the arts of astronomy, arithmetic, geomancy and craftmanship. Asmodeus answers all questions and he discovers and guards treasures. He governs the many realms of pleasure. He gives the ability to read others thoughts, confers invisibility, and breaks up marriages/relationships. Asmodeus has a human Mother and his Father is a God.

Andromalius Sigil Helmet

Andromalius sigil download

Sigil of Balam
∙ Zodiac Position: 10-14 degrees of Sagittarius
∙ December 3rd- 7th
∙ Tarot Card: 9 of Rods
∙ Candle color: White
∙ Plant: Oak
∙ Planet: Mars
∙ Metal: Iron
∙ Element of Fire
∙ Rank: King
∙ Balam is a Night Demon and governs 40 legions of spirits
Balam discerns the past and future, He confers humor, wit, and mental ability He gives invsibility, and fortells the future.

Sigil of Barbatos
∙ Zodiac Position: 5- 9 degrees of Taurus
∙ April 25th-29th
∙ Tarot Card: 5 of Pentacles
∙ Candle color: Black
∙ Plant: Ground Ivy
∙ Planet: Venus
∙ Metal: Copper
∙ Element of Earth
∙ Rank: DUKE
∙ Barbatos is a Day Demon and he governs 30 legions of spirits and is of the Order of Virtues
∙ Barbatos prefers to appear when the Sun is in the sign of Sagittarius
Barbatos teaches all of the sciences, He reveals treasure concealed by magic, and fortells the future, discerns the past reconciles friends, and will bring any two persons together in friendship. He secures the good will of those who are in positions of power. He smoothes out all misunderstandings and soothes hurt feelings. He gives the ability to communicate with and understand animals


Sigil of Byleth
∙ Zodiac Position: 0- 4 degrees of Gemini
∙ May 21st- 25th
∙ Tarot Card: 8 of Swords
∙ Planet: Mercury
∙ Metal: Mercury
∙ Element of Air
∙ Candle color: Red
∙ Plant: Dill
∙ Rank: Duke
∙ Beleth is a Day Demon and rules over 85 legions of spirits. She is of the Order of Powers
Beleth brings the spirit of love between men and women. She is a favorite of maidens awaiting proposal.

Sigil of Belial
∙ Zodiac Position: 5- 9 degrees of Pisces
∙ February 24th- 29th
∙ Tarot Card: 8 of Cups
∙ Candle color: Orange
∙ Plant: Mullein
∙ Planet: Jupiter/Neptune
∙ Metal: Tin/Neptunium
∙ Element of Water
∙ Rank: King
∙ Belial is a Night Demon and governs 80 legions of spirits
Belial distributes presentations and titles. He reconciles friends and enemies, provides familiars Helps one get ahead on the job Helps to gain a higher position Brings favors from others, even one’s enemies. Belial was Prince of the order of Virtues.

Andromalius Demon Sigil

Sigil of Biffrons
∙ Zodiac Position: 15- 19 degrees of Scorpio
∙ November 7th-12th
∙ Tarot Card: 6 of Cups
∙ Candle color: Light purple
∙ Plant: Basil
∙ Planet: Jupiter/Neptune
∙ Metal: Tin/Neptunium
∙ Element of Water
∙ Rank: Earl
∙ Biffrons is a Night Demon and governs 60 legions of spirits
Biffrons teaches astrology, geometry, mathematics and other arts and sciences He reveals the values of herbs, woods and stones He can move corpses magically and coerce spirits of the dead to assist in magick, and/or to answer inquiries.

Sigil of Botis
∙ Zodiac Position: 20- 24 degrees of Gemini
∙ June 11th- 15th
∙ Tarot Card: 10 of Swords
∙ Candle color: White
∙ Plant: Lily
∙ Planet: Saturn/Uranus
∙ Metal: Lead/Uranium
∙ Element of Air
∙ Rank: President/Earl
∙ Botis is a Day Demon and rules over 60 legions of spirits
Botis helps in making important decisions, and bolsters courage. He protects one from being hurt by the hatred or envy of others, and helps toward easing tension in the home, Botis declares things past and present, and reconciles friends and enemies.

Sigil of Buer
∙ Zodiac Position: 15- 19 degrees of Taurus
∙ May 5th- 9th
∙ Tarot Card: 6 of Pentacles
∙ Candle color: Light blue
∙ Plant: Aloe
∙ Planet: Mercury
∙ Metal: Mercury
∙ Element of Earth
∙ Rank: President
∙ Buer is a Day Demon and rules over 50 legions of spirits
Buer heals all diseases, teaches moral, natural and logical philosophy. He discourages drunkenness, and provides familiars. He also teaches the properties of all herbs and plants.

Andromalius Sigil Download

Sigil of Bune
∙ Zodiac Position: 5- 9 degrees of Leo
∙ July 28th-August 1st
∙ Tarot Card: 5 of Rods
∙ Candle color: Orange
∙ Plant: Orange
∙ PLanet: Sun
∙ Metal: Gold
∙ Element of Fire
∙ Rank: Duke
∙ Bune is a Day Demon and governs 30 legions of spirits
Bune helps acquire wealth and provides sophistication and worldly wisdom. She gives facility of speech and a flair for words Bune also changes the places of the dead.