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When Amazon Prime Video won the rights to stream NFL Thursday Night Football games in more than 200 countries, it knew it needed to provide the best possible experience for millions of fans watching their favorite teams. “With live sporting events, reliability and low latency are absolutely critical because every lost second negatively impacts viewers,” explains BA Winston, the global head of digital video playback and delivery for Amazon Video. “If there are any interruptions or buffering, the fans won’t watch.”

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On top of that challenge, Amazon Prime Video had to make sure it could easily and quickly support large spikes in user traffic. “Although we have several mechanisms to forecast demand, we cannot be completely accurate,” says Winston. “Therefore, we needed to do sufficient scale testing and have an architecture that can quickly scale, handle spikes, and have sufficient caching in different layers to manage the demand.'

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The organization also needed to offer targeted advertising during games and be able to track ad data so that advertisers could gauge how effectively ads were performing.