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A detailed comparison table puts together the cost of Amazon Prime membership in different countries.
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Amazon Prime is a subscription-based program that was launched by Amazon in February 2005.

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You don’t need a separate Amazon Prime membership, but if you order a lot from Amazon MX, it may be worthwhile. We’re frequent Amazon shoppers, so we have Amazon Prime for both US and for MX.

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  • It's been about two years since Amazon launched in Mexico via, but starting Tuesday online shoppers in the country can finally sign up for unlimited free shipping and streaming video.
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  • The retail price of the Amazon Prime service package is 899 Pesos, although a promotional subscription is available for first-time customers at 499 Pesos. Moreover, Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to test out the service for free, in the first 30 days. Mexico is experiencing a period of rapid growth in online retail.

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Since that time, the program evolved from a simple free shipping offer to a powerful combination of tailored services, exclusive deals, and shopping benefits.

Amazon Mexico Prime In English

According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, in mid-2017, Prime had at least 80 million members spending an average of $1,300 annually with Amazon.

What’s most important, Amazon Prime membership is available not only to customers of store, living in the United States.

Keep reading, and you will learn the cost of Amazon Prime membership in your country. The service is offered almost everywhere where a localized Amazon store is running, for instance, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, or France. In some cases, like Germany, Amazon Prime is also offered in neighboring countries as well.

Why are so many customers getting interested in Amazon Prime membership? The program gives customers a plenty of benefits in five major areas:

  • shipping – fast and free shipping on millions of eligible items,
  • streaming – unlimited access to movies, TV series, and music,
  • shopping – early or exclusive access to best Amazon deals,
  • reading – free access to Prime Reading, Audible Channels, and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library,
  • spending – reward programs with Prime credit cards.

Obviously, the most advanced Prime ecosystem is running in the US Amazon Store. And it’s where other countries could follow.

As you will see below, in some countries Amazon Prime is offered in two subscription plans: annual and monthly. The fees in other countries may seem unbelievably low, but it’s usually where the number of features is pretty limited.

It’s good to mention that Prime Video, the most important element of Amazon Prime program, is offered as a separate subscription. It means you can buy it separately, for a lower price, without getting other Prime benefits.

In two countries, the United States and the United Kingdom, Prime Video is being served from Amazon stores. However, the service is now available for users from over 200 countries around the world, serving from a standalone domain at Different prices are set for different countries and regions. You will be able to see the monthly cost when you sign up for a free trial.

Under the table, you will see a timeline of Amazon Prime membership price changes.


Amazon Mexico Prime

Amazon Prime membership cost – monthly and annual fees

Amazon StoreCountryMonthlyAnnual
Amazon.comUnited StatesUSD 12.99USD 99 KingdomGBP 7.99GBP 79
Amazon.caCanadaCND 79
Amazon.frFranceEUR 5.99EUR 49
Amazon.deGermany, AustriaEUR 7.99EUR 69
Amazon.deThe Netherlands, Belgium, LuxembourgEUR 5.99EUR 49
Amazon.itItalyEUR 19.99
Amazon.esSpainEUR 19.95 899
449 for first year
Amazon.inIndiaINR 999 400JPY 3,900
Amazon.cnChinaRMB 388
288 for first year

Prime Video Amazon Mexico

Amazon Prime membership price changes

Below, we are tracking the changes of Amazon Prime subscription in the US and other countries.

If you’ve seen the price change, but it’s still not described here, please leave a short note, and we will immediately update the timeline.

January 2018
Amazon is raising the price of the monthly Prime fee in the United States. The new rate is set at $12.99, compared to $10.99 so far. It’s an 18% price increase.

March 2014
The yearly cost of Prime membership is raised from $79 to $99 (25% price change), although Amazon was thinking about raising the fee even more, to $119.

Amazon Mexico Prime

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